Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yet Another Grand Day Out

Yes we have been at it again, spreading fear and boredom to all those poor sods who overhear us waffle on about all things military and plastic. This time we popped down to Blandford to the Royal Signals Museum. This is a very nice museum indeed filled as you would expect with everything "signals" related from the earliest forms of communication right up to the high tech methods used today. it also covered almost every conflict the British army has been involved in which is quite a few! The displays were really good with very clear descriptions and histories of the pieces displayed.

 Brian was particularly pleased to see so many typewriters on display! I think it brought a tear to his eyes and he had that wistful look about him whilst reminiscing some of his exploits which included some horrendous wounds sustained in the line of duty. One particular story about a nasty paper cut was particularly harrowing!  

He also tried to chat up a WRAC but as usual he bored her to death! 

I was pleased to discover yet another Land rover 1 tonner, this time fitted out for radios. No matter where I go lately I see em everywhere! And the Dorchester command was very interesting. They also had a Land rover pink panther which was very nice with correct period kit hanging off it. Seeing this I was reminded of the old tamiya kit I built many moons ago. I may just have to re-visit that kit now.

After a cuppa in the museum cafe we then enjoyed a very nice pub lunch after a blast down the country lanes with the top down on Brian's car, and yes it was freezing! The museum is well worth a visit if you are in the area.    

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