Saturday 27 January 2018

Forklift Almost Done

I've been working away on the forklift assembly today and have now finished it off bar a bit more work on the fork hangers. It was a tricky assembly to put together as it had a lot of parts which needed careful alignment. I also added the missing hydraulic lines using lead wire. Just a few more bits to finish and it will be ready for a wash & primer.

Thursday 25 January 2018

Bundeswehr Forklift Cab Details

The cabs are now all done after adding a few missing details and replacing the kit supplied rear window dampers. I also fitted the rear windows now as the fit was tight and I would not have got them in later on. They should be easy to mask though. The cabs are quite fiddly to assemble and need some care but once glued they are quite solid. A start has also been made on the forklift assembly.


Tuesday 23 January 2018

Takom Bundeswehr Forklift

A little more work has been done on the forklift, the kit does need some careful assembly and test fitting to get a good join between some parts. There are also a lot of ejector holes to fill especially on the cab interiors. The cabs can be left off and painted before final assembly which is handy.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Even More Figure Work

Progress has been swift on the foot soldier and he's now finished apart from adding some pigments and finishing off the gun with metallics. I won't attach the gun & hand until the base is done and ready to receive the finished figure. I'm very pleased with the way he turned out and have certainly learnt a lot painting him. The Zulu's shield has also been worked on & I'll be starting on the figure next. 

The figures for the M10 have also been completed and should work well with the model.

Saturday 20 January 2018

More Figure Work

I've finally got back to the bench after a rotten week suffering from that horrible cold/flu bug that's been sweeping the country at the moment. I felt rough as a badgers arse this week and spent two days in bed, it was that bad. I still don't feel 100% but can now face doing some work at the bench.

So I've been working away at the Isandlwana foot soldier and have finished off the webbing and helmet. I used various vallejo colours applied in a glaze to get the effect of dirty webbing & a stained helmet. I can now concentrate on the flesh and the piping on the uniform. I think it's looking pretty good and conveys a worn on campaign look that I was after.

I've also been able to get the M10 figures painted and should be able to finish them fairly quickly.

Friday 12 January 2018

Progress, Progress

Well I seem to have cracked the difficult tunic on the foot soldier now & have just painted the webbing to give me a visual check of the tunic colours. I'm pleased with it so far as it looks battle worn and nicely weathered. I will add just a few more highlights and shadows once the webbing and straps are finished. 

The Zulu has now had some shadows added but these need to be enhanced and some highlights added as well. I'll start on that as well as the head next. 

The forklift is also coming on but with quite a bit of filling needed for ejector knockout marks. I also need to work out where the various hydraulic hoses end up on the lift once I get to that stage.

Sunday 7 January 2018

Mega Update

Lots to show for really very little work I'm afraid. It's been quite bitty at the bench so far this year but I'm sure things can get back on track.
 First it's on to the Isandlwana project and after reviewing the red colour of the tunic I decided to strip it all back and start again. Thanks to my mate Soapy who lent me a set of AK interactive paints for red uniforms I've now got a much better colour to start with on the tunic. The Zulu has also had some brown oils added and this will be getting shadows added next. The wood on the rifle, spear & shield have also been painted using oils. 

The M10 build is next and here I bought some figures from historex agents. They arrived really quick as usual but I was slightly disappointed with the quality of them as they had loads of pin holes and very heavy resin mold plugs to remove. A lot of work was needed to get them up to scratch. However they are now all done and have had a coat of primer, should look good once painted up.

And lastly I've started another build, this one is for an engineering group build on modellers haven online forum. I've chosen Takom's Feldumschlaggerat 2.5T forklift. Mostly because I've yet to see one built up but also as I do like odd vehicles. It's building up very well so far and for a reasonably small model has loads of detail.