Thursday 27 June 2013

Terrific JGSDF Type 90

Well the weathering of the turret is complete as is adding a tarp, water bottle and tool box to the turret side. Well pleased with the final finish it looks worn but not worn out! see what you think....

Next up will be the figures and ammo. I'm planning on using some meister chronicle decals for the figures mostly due to laziness but also because I want to see how they compare to painting a figure. Oh and I've also got to sort out a base so still plenty to do.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Type 90 Hull Weathering

The hull and tracks have now been finished off to my satisfaction using a combination of various MIG & AK pigments. I used a mix of wet and dry pigments for different tones then finished off by flicking a paintbrush full of wet pigment along the sides to simulate mud spatters.

The turret has yet to have the pigments added but I have added all the glass areas to the periscopes and optics using party scatter. A small amount of stowage needs to be added to the turret basket too.


Sunday 23 June 2013

Kamizukuri Baracuda II Netting

I've just seen this new release from Kamizukuri and am rather keen to get my grubby paws on some! For those who don't know the company produce a range of  paper diorama plants and vehicle accessories. I have used some on many bases and they really are easy to use and actually look like the real thing, which is always a bonus!

The Baracuda netting looks spot on and will be a real boon to anyone wanting to furnish their latest modern masterpiece with the stuff. It should be easy to cut and by the looks of things easy to shape too. I'm just visualising a Challenger 2 or Land rover WMIK festooned with the stuff! You can see more on the company's web site here, Kamizukuri unfortunately it's all in Japanese but it does show the range of stuff they do.

Streaky Samurai

I have now added some streaking and rain marks to the type 90 using oddly enough AK interactive streaking grime and rain marks. Both products are very easy to use and give really nice effects. So today should see the matt varnish go on and the tracks finished off with pigments.

Friday 21 June 2013

Faded Samurai

Over the last few days I have been mucking about with the weathering using MIG, AK and true earth filters and washes plus adding some chipping using vallejo No70822. Plus some pin washes around certain details. So far it's going well with only a couple of filters possibly to add. I've also had the tamiya earth & buff mix out and lightly sprayed the lower hull and wheels to begin the weathering process in that area.

The tracks have been sprayed with vallejo panzer aces 304 track primer then the inner pads picked out with dark rubber. Should be getting the matt varnish on this weekend then it's pigment time!

Saturday 15 June 2013

Type 90 Decals

Decals and gloss coat are now on the model. For the gloss I used Alclad's aqua gloss which performs very well indeed giving a very durable finish. I like the colourful markings on the turret, very unusual for a modern MBT.

Yesterday saw me off to Bristol with Mrs Sniper for a bit of a shop at cabots circus. I managed to find a modelzone and Antics model shop so just had to check em out!

The CV-90 was only £12 so quite a bargain I'm sure you will agree plus I bought a couple of the new vallejo acrylic washes to test out and some plastic rod and strip. Could have spent loads more but lunch was on me so treated the wife instead.

Friday 14 June 2013

Super Skiathos!

Well I've just got back from a very nice relaxing holiday on the beautiful island of Skiathos. I'm happy to report that plenty of beer, food and general lazing about was the order of the day. This was our first time to this particular Greek island and the first time for years that we didn't take the kids. (all grown up now) So it was really nice just to do our own thing and chill out.

Back to the real world now, and the rain here in the UK! 

Saturday 1 June 2013

Type 90 Tones

Now on to my favourite bit, getting some paint on. After a coat of primer I sprayed the model with Tamiya's JGSDF colours XF72 & 73 then went back over with a lighter tone using XF21 sky. This helps to vary the colours and starts to add weathering to the model. The Japanese army seem to keep their equipment in good order however a bit of paint fading and light chipping will help to bring the model to life. Obviously the tones will darken slightly once a gloss coat is added.