Saturday 31 December 2022

Hellcat Pin Washes & Matt Varnish

The model has now had a very limited pin wash just really to pick out details and recess lines. I did not add any filters or oil dot fading as I felt it had enough contrast as it is. This was followed by some matt varnish which has really brought it all together. I'll let this cure now for a few days whilst I wait for some paint to arrive for the figure.

Friday 30 December 2022

More Detail Painting

Lots more done on the model yesterday with a good session at the bench. The turret stowage and mantlet canvas cover were painted up using various vallejo colours. This was then followed by some light chipping.


Thursday 29 December 2022

Hellcat Fading & Detail Painting

I've now added a little bit of fading using tamiya flat flesh added to the O/D. Subtle is the key here as I don't want a heavily worn vehicle. This has been followed by some detail painting and light chipping. 


Tuesday 27 December 2022

Hellcat In Olive Drab & Xmas Models

Got the olive drab on quicker than anticipated  and very nice it looks too. I've used Mr hobby H52 olive drab 1 which has a really nice tone and colour. Later I'll add some fading with this and some tamiya flat flesh in my usual method. 

Also thanks to gifts of amazon vouchers and a bit of bargain hunting these two beauties are now in my grubby mitts! I think that Whippet might just be my next build! 

Monday 26 December 2022

M18 Hellcat Primed

Just finished spraying some primer on the model using Mr finishing surfacer 1500 black thinned with Mr leveling thinner. As usual this stuff sprays really well and gives a superb durable finish. A couple of days now for the primer to fully cure and it will be OD time!

Saturday 24 December 2022

M18 Hellcat Stowage

Some stowage has now been added to the turret using magic sculpt and a mix of items from the spares box. Once this has all cured I will add some more strapping etc to the turret then it should be all ready for primer.

Tuesday 20 December 2022

M18 Hellcat Almost Ready For Paint!

Well that was a very quick and enjoyable build, taking all of three days to build the model! With just the tow rope and some stowage to sort it won't be long before the model gets some primer & paint. I'm very impressed with the figure provided as well, the detail is very nice and it almost just clicked together. 

So next will be some stowage and I'll use some magic sculpt or similar to make some rolled tarps and other bits as well as some items I've picked out from the spares box. 


Sunday 18 December 2022

M18 Hellcat Rapid Progress

I'm really racing along with the build thanks to the superb engineering and ease of construction. It's almost like the kit is building itself! The only additions so far are three handles from lead wire, some straps for the tools from tamiya tape and weld beads on the front hull using stretched sprue. 

The turret is really smart and the mantlet canvas cover is a work of art, it's just so good. Again everything fits perfectly first time every time.  

Saturday 17 December 2022

Tamiya M18 Hellcat

Something simple now to build over the Christmas period in the form of tamiya's cracking M18 Hellcat. So far the lower hull, suspension, wheels & tracks have been built up in a very short space of time. Detail is as you would expect superb and the engineering is amazing. 

I've built the wheels and tracks to be removable which will greatly ease painting and weathering later on in the build. 

Thursday 15 December 2022

Takom M114 A1E1 CRV Finished

Finally after a good few months the M114 is finally finished. The model received a bit more weathering adding mud using the airbrush followed by a couple more filters before the matt varnish went on. At the same time the base was sprayed with the same earth colour before more sea grass was added then a final light painting with various vallejo colours.

The Valkyrie figures painted up superbly and I even managed to get the exceptionally thin and delicate boom mics in place without breaking them! A final light dusting with pigments and the project is done.