Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Grand Day Out

Shades of Wallace & Gromit I know but the dynamic duo, Myself & Brian had another jolly out on Thursday to the REME museum at Arborfield and then a quick visit to the Aldershot military town museum. The REME museum is shortly moving to Lynham where a newer bigger museum is planned. 

A pleasant couple of hours were passed here looking at some very interesting displays and history of the regiment. A small hall is dedicated to vehicles and again here only a limited amount was on display due to the impending move. However I did find a very interesting Land rover 101 converted with a crane in the back and hard cab. This vehicle actually served in the Falklands during the conflict. I can feel another build coming on! 

After a cup of tea and a very nice slice of cake in the cafe we decided to head over to Aldershot and have a look at the museum there. Here the best bits are all outside with a display of vehicles. The first one we saw as we entered the car park was a Saladin! A lot of these vehicles have the "SP" designation on the registrations which denotes that these were special projects or test and prototype vehicles.
 One nice feature here is that each vehicle has a sign telling you about them which includes a history of that particular vehicle such as where it served and the date, very interesting.  

So another interesting excursion with loads of modelling bollocks related talk and a nice lunch on the way home made this a great day out for our two intrepid modelling geeks! 

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