Tuesday 22 February 2022

Chally 2 Figures

I've been working on the colours for the figures and have been studying various pictures and a set of real MTP uniform jacket & trousers to get the correct colours. British MTP is made up of six colours so I started by selecting paints that I thought would work and then painting little test panels on a piece of paper. Using this and the uniform I have then worked out each colour and the resulting vallejo paint or mix of paints to match.

The figures have had a primer followed by a coat of vallejo 885 pastel green which is matches the uniform colour very well. As this is the predominant colour it makes sense to use this as a base coat.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Winter Sun

Just got back from a very nice break in Lanzarote for some much needed winter sun and a week of doing absolutely nothing. The weather was amazing, 20+ degrees each day and the evenings where pleasant too. Needless to say we found some lovely places to eat and drink in the evenings. Apart from that it was just a nice week of chilling and recharging the batteries.


Sunday 6 February 2022

M16 Decals

Decals on this evening and very nice they are too. I used the kit ones and some of the archer ones for the dashboard. 

Saturday 5 February 2022

M16 Detail Painting

After adding some strips to the netting I've cracked on with the detail painting today and have enjoyed it immensely. Some limited chipping will go on next before a gloss and decals.

Dragon M16 Tarps & Netting

Time to add some stowage to the model so started with some gauze soaked in PVA glue & water. This was then positioned on the model and left to dry. Some tape strips will be added next to finish it off. Next some magic sculpt was used to add a rolled tarp to the other wing & a canvas cover added to the radio. All small and easy additions but they all help to add some interest to the model.

Friday 4 February 2022

Challenger 2 Done

I've now finished off the model with a very light bit of dust effects on the turret. I may add a tiny bit of mud splatter later when I sort the base out. Really chuffed with how it's turned out and think it just looks so cool. 

I've also been working on the figures and here I've used miniart ones and replaced the crap kit heads with hornet ones, much better and crisper detail. Now all I have to do is paint that pesky MPT!