Red Zebra Cans, Coffee Cups & Takeaway Containers

Today I have a very interesting set of accessories to review from Paul at Red Zebra Models. Paul follows the blog and also has worked in the middle east so came up with the idea of making some drinks cans, coffee cups and takeaway containers as he said that they were everywhere, discarded all over the place. He's just sent me a pre production sample of them for me to use on the current diopark dio and to do a review. 

So first off we will look at the coffee cups, these are 1/35th scale and really tiny as you would expect scaled down. However that does not mean they lack detail! The coffee cups come with  two styles of lid and look absolutely superb. I think this a first in 1/35th as I don't think anyone else makes them. Perfect for modern dioramas or indeed vehicles as everyone seems to love their coffee these days. Painted up in your favourite brand or just a generic cup they will add that extra bit of realism. 

The drinks cans are even smaller and here you get a mix of cans with ring pull tabs and some without. All with openings on the top and a nice shape to them. Paul has also made crushed cans as well so you have some great options for any dio or vehicle. Again a very visual and common sight, you can paint them up as you wish. I'm not sure of the quantity in each set yet but I would assume they will be excellent value and a useful addition to your modelling armoury.

Finally we move onto the takeaway food containers, as this is a pre production sample the boxes are quite tidy but Paul has said that the production version will include boxes which are beaten and battered. Again this is something I don't think anyone else has done so they should be very useful. Various sizes of boxes are included here and painted up will add a nice touch to your dios or vehicles. Perfect for that Friday night kebab or fish & chips! 

Here's a picture from Paul of the damaged boxes which will be included in the set.

As you know I do enjoy adding things such as these to my dioramas and vehicles but have up to now made them myself with varying results. So it's great that Paul has taken the guesswork out of making them and provided a quality product which is consistent and the correct scale. I always think it's the little details that really raise a vehicle or diorama and adding these items will certainly help to do that. 

As ever Red Zebra constantly makes available interesting and useful accesories for the modeller. So much so in fact that you find yourself wondering how you lived without them! Highly recommended. 

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