Friday 30 January 2015

Achzarit Part 2

I've been working away at the model over the last few days on and off as a bit of light relief following the Landy build. It's been very enjoyable building this and I've now almost finished the build phase. Just some small bits to add and the tow cables. I've added canvas covers to the smoke dischargers and then added cables using lead wire. The headlights also received some plumbing.

The tracks have been test fitted and as I suspected are very tight but as I've left the front idlers loose I can adjust them to add a bit more sag to the tracks. The tracks themselves are very nice indeed, the best I've seen with good details and they actually glue together with no problems.

Lastly the gimpys have had their mounts cut and a small pin inserted so that I can position them later to suit the crew figures. The only addition was a small fore sight to the two guns and drilling out the barrels. The guns look very nice and should paint up well. The mesh sides have also been made up but left off to aid painting later.


Wednesday 28 January 2015

Landy 1 Tonne Part 2

Progress has been slow on this as I've been working mostly on the fit of the doors and windscreen in relation to the canvas tilt. The doors have been made up after carefully lining up the parts, clamping then running thin CA along the outer seams. This has resulted in a nice solid bond which was then sanded back using my trusty tamiya diamond file. The canvas fits quite well although there is a slight twist in it which is more noticeable on the drivers side. 
I think a touch of hot water and a bit of flexing should sort that out.

The fuel tank, front grill & fuel can holder have also been worked on. The front grill needed a shim of plastic on the bottom of the radiator opening & the fuel tank needed a new support frame made up from plastic as the etch part was far to big. The fuel can holder may or may not be fitted as many of these did not have one fitted. Lastly the rear heating vent head was made up from plastic card.


Monday 26 January 2015

Meng Achzarit

My other build is Meng's rather stunning Achzarit. As I've said this is part of a IDF group build over on the Modelworx forum. So far everything is going swimmingly, this is a very well engineered kit with fabulous details and an ease of assembly very much like a Tamiya kit. The only extras I have added so far are the tie downs on the rear access roof and hull. They look much better than the molded kit items and will help later when it comes to stowing the model.

I'm in two minds at the moment as to whether I have the rear access open or closed. I'd like to duplicate the picture seen below but also like the idea of having the model set in a rest area or similar setting. Anyway I've kept my options open by not gluing the ramp up yet.


Sunday 25 January 2015

Firing Line Land rover 1 Tonne

Here's the start of the build, for those that don't know this kit has been available for some years now and consists of a resin hull & canvas with the remainder of the details provided in white metal & etch. The kit comes in a nice sturdy box with everything neatly packaged in small bags. The only letdown is the rather poor instructions which have one vague illustration for some of the parts placement and a written description of others. However as this could be classed as a cottage industry kit and the only game in town so you really have no other choice in 1/35th scale.

I started cleaning up the hull which is very well cast with no air bubbles or warping. A quick session with a knife and file cleaned up any flash and mold lines. I decided to tackle the suspension next and spent some time ensuring everything was straight and level. The detail here is limited but then again not much can be seen once the model is on it's wheels anyway. I added the missing exhaust pipe from plastic tube and rod. The wheels which are metal fit well and the vehicle has the correct stance too.

Moving onto the cab area I've started to add missing details using various materials. Whilst here I though I would check the fit of the windscreen, this is an etched construction made up of three parts. So far I've only used the front part and had a nightmare bending the part. It just wants to distort all the time! On offering it up I saw that it was a good mil each side too long and did not meet up with the canvas roof! arrrggghhhh!!! 

Out came the plastic card and a new screen was made up. This fits much better and actually lines up with the roof correctly. The doors have also been checked and again these are multiple assemblies. The fit is good but the upper frames are very thin brass and prone to distortion. Perhaps once I glue the elements together I can replace the frames with plastic for strength?


Saturday 24 January 2015

Next Two Projects........

Here's my next two projects on the bench, Meng's Achzarit & figures which I'm building for a group build over on Modelworx forum & Firing line's Land rover 1 tonne which is a commision build.

So stay tuned for updates on both builds!  

Meng FT-17 Finished

Today I've finished off the model and base and very nice it looks too. I really enjoyed this build, it's a cracking kit and the inclusion of a base makes it that much better in my opinion. I would love to see other models released with a base in the box. The figure too really helps to set the scene. 


Thursday 22 January 2015

FT-17 Almost there!

I've been slowly working on the pigment build up on the running gear using fixer to hold it all in place. The tracks have had the same treatment but not so heavy. The base has had a dose of fixer too and this has darkened the colour to a more pleasing earth tone. After fixing the model to the base I've added more of the MIG wet mud to hide any gaps between the tracks and the base and added a touch more were the figure stands. 

I'm pretty pleased with the overall effect so far, a few more tweaks & pigment chucked about and it should be all done.