Red Zebra models middle eastern rubble & netting rolls

I've just bought some middle eastern rubble from Paul at red zebra so thought I'd do a quick review of this relatively new addition to the range. As I wanted some rubble for the Centurion base I have planned I thought this set would be ideal as it contains loads of breeze blocks and middle eastern style single bricks. it also contains several sections of broken wall. The blocks are all really well cast in plaster and have good detail as do the wall sections. included in the tub are some soft wire pieces which can be used as re bar. Finally there is also some grit and sand so this is a really good one stop solution to help you add some interesting groundwork to your bases. 

Paul also very kindly included some of his new netting and barracuda netting rolls in the package. These are all cast in a nice resin and have great detail. The netting rolls with the strips would be ideal for WW2 subjects right up to the present day. The barracuda netting rolls are also really nice and will I'm sure be very useful on modern armour subjects. Again a handy addition to the modellers accessory stash which will look great painted up.

As usual you can find these and loads of other items on the red zebra website.

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