Sunday, 15 March 2015

Land Rover 1 Tonne Base Complete

After finally getting the plaque I've now finished off the base. Again just a simple one but effective I think to show off the model. Static grass and a few grass tufts were used then the whole thing was sprayed using gunze colours and good old tamiya buff. Finally I finished it off with pigments left over from the weathering of the landy and fixed the figures and vehicle to the base.

I'm very pleased with the final result especially as the kit is not the easiest to build and was missing a lot of details. 


  1. A very nice and attractive model. Well done job Pete.

  2. I have follow all the steps of this project all this time and I was quietly waiting for the
    "Grand Finalle"... I have no words..Just excellent!!!
    Regards, George.

  3. Many thanks guys I'm glad you like it