Monday 30 April 2012

Vickers Light Tank Finished

The Vickers has now been completed with just a light dusting of tamiya earth followed by MIG pigments. The base was sprayed in various earth and grass tones then the weeds where picked out in different greens. Finally the base had a dusting of pigments and the water was simulated using tamiya clear.

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable project, the kit is a real gem and is simple to construct too.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Vickers Tank Base

The last couple of days have seen me working on the base for the Vickers. I decided to slightly elevate the base for this model and incorporate a small ditch at the front. For this I cut some dense foam board and then edged it with plastic card. I then added some polyfilla mixed with acrylic paint and white glue and spread this over the base. Finally some fine sand and stones where added.

The weeds are carved stretched sprune and the reed type plants are Kamizukuri paper items. I plan to have the reeds edging the ditch with a hint of water at the bottom of it.

Once the base has dried I will be adding some static grass then spraying in earth and grass tones.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Tour de Force

Well I am certainly surging ahead on this one, good job really as I am running out of suitable French phrases! The model has had a few more dark pin washes added then once dry a matt coat. Today I have added the spare barrel, windscreen, spare fuel cans, front grill and spare wheel plus painted the lights and added some lenses to the front lights. I have also gone over the model and added metallic wear to selected areas using graphite powder. I am very pleased with the variation in tone on the model thus far. Next is my favourite stage adding some dust and mud.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Avant garde

The GMC is coming along nicely and I have added some micro chipping with a fine sponge as well as pin washes and a couple of filters. All the stowage has also been painted using various vallejo colours. The wooden portions of the model have toned down considerably. Further washes and some oil fading are next on the cards as well as painting some more stowage for the vehicle.

Monday 23 April 2012

Resistance is Futile!

Well I tried to resist honestly but I just could not help myself and went and bought the new Airfix 1/48th Lynx. I know I am weak but it's yet another model I have always wanted to build. The BO-105 was an ebay bargain I just could not pass up so there you have it, two more kits for the ever growing stash!

Sunday 22 April 2012

Big And Small Part 2

Both models are progressing nicely and I am especially pleased with the Vickers. I have added some very subtle pin washes and oil fading of the paint work. Not too much as I find that on really small vehicles the initial colour scheme can be lost under subsequent layers of weathering. It's now had a matt coat and will be finished off with a dusting of tamiya mud and buff then some pigments. The figure has been painted with vallejo colours khaki with a drop of Japanese tank crew colour added.

The GMC has now had the decals added, I used a spare allied star for the bonnet as none are provided in the kit. I have also started painting the stowage in various shades.

Next I will be going over the model with a sponge adding some micro chipping and toning down the chipped wooden deck.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Cordon Bleu

On to the GMC and things have progressed well. I started by spraying tamiya XF60 dark yellow on all the wooden parts of the vehicle then added two coats of AK interactive heavy chipping fluid. Once dry I used tamiya XF62 olive drab as the main colour and as per my usual method lighted this with tamiya flat flesh. After drying over night I then brushed on water on the wooden areas and with a short stiff brush worked over these areas. The result is very effective and I am very pleased with the AK stuff it seems much less hassle than the usual hairspray method. I have also started to pick out the stowage and other bits on the model.

Little Gem

More work on the Vickers, the model received some light chipping using vallejo Khaki then a gloss coat followed by the decals. As you can see the stowage on the back has also been painted up. I also have a figure to paint and for this I used a passion models figure designed specifically for this model.
Well pleased with the model thus far it really is a "must build"

Monday 16 April 2012

Big And Small

The Vickers is progressing well. I painted the model using tamiya colours and the instructions paint mix which looks just right. So it's now onto a gloss coat and the decals.

The GMC has had it's primer coat so should be ready for painting soon. I may even have a go at some colour modulation on this model plus some heavy chipping effects on the wood portions to impart a well used look.

Friday 13 April 2012

Pièce de Résistance

The GMC has again been a very quick and hassle free build. I only added a few bits to enhance any details. As you can see I have added most of the stowage during construction just to save work later on.All the stowage bags came from the spares box. I managed to loose a couple of PE bits which flew off into thin air but nothing major.

I really like the look of this vehicle and the bofors looks very nice indeed with some nice details. Should look great under a coat of paint.