Friday, 13 July 2018

Meng Leopard 2A4 Progress

With the temperature finally dropping to more comfortable levels in the cave I've made a bit more progress on the model. Nothing of note here apart from the rear deck tools which annoyingly have the tool clap handles moulded as solid parts when they should be hollow. As they are so small it's impossible to hollow them out. 

My solution was to have a rummage in the spares box which furnished me with some etched replacements. Likewise the rear convoy light is missing the guard, again the spares box came to the rescue. Both I think should have been addressed by Meng. 

The turret took some careful test fitting and sanding to get a good fit as there was a slight warp in the lower section. The mantlet cover is soft plastic and this works very well. I replaced the kit barrel with a perfect scale modellbau resin one which I've had for ages. It was actually intended for the hobby boss 2A4 but that was disposed of when this kit came out. The kit barrel is perfectly acceptable however.


Sunday, 8 July 2018

Leopard & Bulldog

Work has been restricted to the late evenings/early mornings here due to the furnace like temperatures in the cave at the moment so not much done I'm afraid. I did manage to get the tracks done on the leopard and fit the upper & lower hull together and fit the replacement handles. The tracks are fully workable and although I found them tedious to assemble look excellent once built.

The bulldog build is also progressing at a snails pace but I have now sorted out the groundwork on the base. Fine sand and plaster were used for the dirt road and the building base was also fixed in position. When it gets cooler in the cave I'll crack on with the painting.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Heddington Steam Rally

With glorious weather, no interest in the football and a chance to have a look at some classic vehicles we visited the Heddington steam rally this morning. It's just up the road from us as well which was handy. A very pleasant few hours was then spent slobbering over various vehicles and enjoying the sunshine.