Saturday 31 October 2009

PAK 38 Finished

Well I have now completed the first part of this build and am pleased with the effects.
Now I must get on with finishing the PAK 40 after I have done some pumpkin carving! happy haloween!

Thursday 29 October 2009

More Current Project Work

Today amongst other things like getting to grips with all things blog related I have been concentrating on getting most of the weathering on the Pak 38 done.Previously I had sprayed the model firstly in tamiya german grey then a light over-spray of tamiya flat white. Once allowed to dry for 10 minutes I used a stiff brush and tamiya thinners to distress the whitewash. The chipping and wear was done using a fine brush and both the german grey and white.

Some MIG filters where used such as brown for white yellow, No P406 and finally some selective pin washes using oils. Today I finished off with a good coat of matt varnish, my weapon of choice at the moment is gunze sangyo aqueous flat clear No H20.
Next will be some pigment powders both wet and dry plus lastly some metallic powders and graphite to replicate worn metals.

Current Project

My latest project is a commission build of two artillery pieces, a PAK 38 and PAK 40 from dragon in 1/35th scale. although artillery is not my thing I have enjoyed building these two, maybe because I am getting paid to build them! As the kits have relatively few parts the builds where completed quickly. Here are some pictures of the two kits ready for painting.


Welcome !

Welcome to my brand new blog! the idea of this blog is to share my modelling lows and highs as well as have some fun and pass on any hints and tips. be sure to check back regularly for new updates and items