DSPIAE Single Blade Nippers

I picked these sprue cutters up at the IPMS Belgium show recently and have only just got around to trying them out so here's my thoughts on them. They are a single blade design which means that only one surface cuts the plastic as opposed to the usual double blade nippers. They are also apparently made from high grade tool steel, whatever that means. Anyway here's the packaging and the nippers themselves.

The packaging is top quality and the nippers themselves are also extremely well made. They are also very lightweight and feel very comfortable in your hand. They also have a limit regulator so you can adjust the distance of the cutting area. 
In operation the nippers slice through sprue gates like a hot knife through butter and with no effort at all, I was amazed that they cut so easily. They are able to cut very close to the sprue gates and are perfect for those really small parts so common in models today. As they exert almost no pressure on the sprue gates they don't distort or break the parts when cutting. 

I'm seriously impressed with these nippers, they are lightweight, easy to use and give excellent results. Getting parts off of sprues can be a bit of a chore but these make the process hassle free. They are not cheap costing 35 euro but in my opinion worth every penny, mine came from Breveco modelling, www.brevecomodelling.nl, who are the sole importers in europe I believe.

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