Saturday 29 May 2010

Painting Time

The wagen was sprayed using tamiya colours in a random fashion using the airbrush. Once happy with the look I sprayed a thinned mix of the base coat, in this case tamiya dark yellow and white over the model to fade the colours slightly. The seats where under coated using vallejo leather belt then various tones of oils paints where used on the seats. Some light chipping was also added but nothing too severe.

All the other little accessories also got some paint on them. The figures have also been under the brush. Painting these in vallejo colours I can progress quite quickly thanks to the fast drying time of these paints.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Trying A New Primer

The model has now been primed and for this I have used vallejo's new acrylic primer. This can be sprayed through your airbrush or brush painted. So far I have found it very good. I especially like the fact it is more controllable unlike using spray cans. I have also found a little goes a long way. Coverage is very smooth and trouble free.

I also decided to alter the moulded on outer door handles, this was achieved by using a new chisel blade and careful removal then trimming the handles and re attaching. They look much better now.

Monday 24 May 2010

An Elegant Meteor

Over the past week I have been working on the Tamiya 1/48th Meteor. A fantastic kit which when built really looks quite elegant. I added some elements from the eduard zoom set for the cockpit, brake lines to the landing gear and some plumbing to the front of the engines plus fine metal tubing for the gun barrels in the nose. Painted in the new Tamiya RAF colours and lightly weathered, I even used the decal tail band I was that lazy!

Thursday 13 May 2010

MIG Madness

Well for a break from armour and as I need to get this finished before IPMS Salisburys annual show I have built the Tamiya offering of the MIG 15. I wanted to do it in the markings of a soviet ace during the Korean war. The only additions where seat belts from tamiya tape and plastic card and two metal tubes to replace the smaller machine guns and some different decals.

I painted the model in a mixture of tamiya and gunze sangyo colours. Then I went back over with a lightened mix of each colour to start fading the colours. Next a very thin mix of tamiya smoke was sprayed along panel lines.

After a coat of klear and the decals I also added some streaking and fading using oils followed by a panel wash to pick out the details.

Once done a coat of matt was added and then some chipping with a silver pencil was the last thing to add. The canopy was glued with non fogging CA.

Monday 10 May 2010

Finally Finished!

Well the diorama for the beast is now complete. This has been a very enjoyable project even with the problems I had with the tracks.

Friday 7 May 2010

Base Work

The base is now almost finished, the rough idea is seen in the first picture. I wanted to keep it simple as I want to get the model finished and I don't have that much display space left. Added raised areas using foam board then with polyfilla and a good slug each of wood glue and some acrylic paint to darken the mixture towelled it on. Some fine sand, pebbles and file grit went on next then once dry the static grass. The concrete was sprayed using games workshop rough coat. Some plants where carved from plastic rod and added to the base. The fuel drums are plaster items added for a bit of interest.

I sprayed the concrete with a dark mix of Tamiya RLM grey then lightened the mix with some neutral grey and finally sprayed some deck tan in a patchy fashion all over the area. The earth and grass where next sprayed using very low pressure with various tamiya colours. I wanted a faded summer look so kept the colours light.

The next step was to add some MIG filters neutral wash over the base to add some dark tones. Once dry I painted the fuel drums and added all the tufts of grass and the flowers, these are from green line and are very very good. The leaves are plus model oak and linden. Lastly I picked out some of the more prominent stones in different colours and painted the weeds I had carved from plastic with vallejo colours. The grass was dry brushed with yellow and yellow ochre acrylics. A good dose of MIG pigments (saved from the weathering of the vehicles) went on last.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Kettenkrad and Figures

Work has continued on the kettenkrad and a couple of figures. The kettenkrad was sprayed a very light shade of dark yellow and the trailer panzer grey. Once dry some chips and scrapes where added but not too much. Detail painting and pigments followed and It was all done. The stowage in the trailer still needs some refining.

The figures are from miniart chosen as I particularly liked the pose of the commander figure scratching his head. Both figures where painted using vallejos including the flesh areas. A major departure from the norm for me as I usually paint these areas in oils. I am pleased with the results but still need to practice!

Sunday 2 May 2010

Track Time

The tracks arrived the other day and as I am off sick they where built in one day. Nice and easy plus they have much better detail than the kit supplied tracks. Once built they had a bath in blacken it then a good dose of MIG pigments applied wet. after a suitable drying time I dusted off the excess and using some rough sandpaper and a graphite stick added so shine to em.

The next step was to fit them to the model and then fit the gun cradle and carriage a very delicate operation calling for three pairs of hands. Here is the carriage before fitting into the hull.

And here is the finished model. well pleased with how it can out, just as I visualised at the start, a rare occurrence for me!

Now to finish the kettenkrad, paint some figures and do the diorama!