Tuesday 26 February 2013

Beefy Beast

The Radschlepper has had some more attention over the last couple of days and as you can see the massive front fenders are now in place. The kit instructions would have you build up the cab on the vehicle which means I would have to paint as I went. I don't like this approach but I think I can paint the inside of the cab then mask off and attach to the chassis later. It's just a matter of glueing the cab floor to the body and sliding in place. Likewise the side engine louvres can be painted then added later. This should help enormously. The cab has a seam running along the front which needs sanding and there are three pin marks inside to fill.

Thursday 21 February 2013

RSO Rolling Chassis

I have now got a nice little rolling chassis on the bench. I had some trouble with a couple of the drive shafts as they seemed too long so a little trimming on the ends fixed this. The wheels are made up of six parts and when assembled look really nice. I'm also drooling at the engine which looks sweet on the chassis, I can't wait to paint it!

Sunday 17 February 2013

Riich Models Skoda RSO Radschlepper Ost

Here is the next project, Riich models new Skoda RSO Radschlepper Ost. Again it's a weird looking vehicle and one I have long wanted to build. I have been tinkering with the kit whilst finishing off the grizzly and have already built up the engine which looks excellent.

So I will be continuing the build after the bench gets a jolly good clean!

Saturday 16 February 2013

Canadian Grizzly In Bosnia

The model is now finally finished and has turned out really well. First up are some pictures of the base,

And here is the Grizzly after final weathering using pigments,

And last but not least the finished diorama,

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Grizzly Dio Part 2

The base for the grizzly is coming along nicely and I have given the cabin some weathering using oils. I used green oil paint to add the algae build up along the bottom edges and for the moss on the roof. Next I will be chucking some pigments about on the base and the grizzly plus finishing of the accessories for the finished scene.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Semplicemente Bella

Here's the Coloniale all finished and on the base. This has been another simple but very enjoyable build with the focus on the painting and weathering. The Wolf figure complements the vehicle nicely.

Grizzly Trooper & Struggling To See

The trooper for the grizzly is now finished, but boy did I struggle to paint the face! my poor old eyes are getting worse! In view of this and as my old pair of cheap magnifying glasses where obviously not cutting it I finally bought a Optivisor and went for the DA-5 lens strength. Wow! what a difference it makes plus I can also wear my normal glasses underneath. I am sure that it will make a big difference from now on for detail work and close up painting.

Coloniale Complete!

I have now finished off the Coloniale using some thinned tamiya earth and buff then a mixture of earth coloured pigments. The canvas top was a pig to fit and I had to fill some gaps around the framework with painted paper. It would have been nice for Italeri to include a folded hood in the kit however one could be made quite simply.

It's a very smart looking vehicle and the camo scheme really looks good too. The figure is also completed bar adding some pigments to the boots and trousers later,

At the moment I am working on the base and hopefully will have it all done later on today.