Friday, 6 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk2 Turret Work

Here's the model with some etch mesh on the engine intake, I replaced the rather poorly defined kit item with some from the spares box and then added an edging using thin lead wire as per my refs. It's a bit tricky  getting the etch to conform to the unusual shape of the intake but by gluing it bit by bit it does eventually go down nicely. 

Today I have been working on the turret adding new tie downs using lead wire and adding the smoke dischargers again adding some cabling and a handle & wingnut on the sides. The cable reel at the rear of the turret is made up of two parts one of which is solid. It just doesn't look right so I cut off the rear solid portion and thinned everything down to a more scale appearance. Lastly the barrel is now in place and really makes the model come alive!

Also the tow ropes are taking shape and again thanks to the spares box I found some suitable cable ends. The ropes will eventually be placed around the turret as per my refs. It seems that this was a common place to stow them on Aden sally's perhaps for ease of access?

Still to do is the inner face of the drivers hatch which I will attempt tomorrow. It's really taking shape now and I'm delighted with the results a few simple additions and improvements can make to the final look of the model.

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