Sunday 30 September 2012

Sd.Kfz 254 Ready For It's Base

I have now completed the 254 adding pigments to the hull. I kept it subtle so all the previous details can show through. It can be quite easy to swamp details with too much pigment. Well pleased with the result, I now have the base and figures to work on now.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Matt & Tracks

The 254 has now had a small pin wash and a matt coat and I have also sorted out the tracks with MIG pigments and metallic wear using graphite powder. Fitting the tracks was a challenge to say the least with parts pinging off all over the place! However I managed to get them on without too much damage to the main model.

The wheels have also been attacked with MIG pigments and are now ready for placement on the model later. Figure wise I went for some Alpine miniatures, set No 35018 DAK panzer crew set. The natural poses and superb sculpting of these figures just can't be beaten. they should complement the vehicle nicely.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Enhancing The Effect Sd.Kfz 254

Having now gone back over the model with a fine brush and sponges I'm now happy with the effect so far. I have also painted the tools, road wheels and exhaust using vallejo colours. The model had a gloss coat last night and the decals have been added today. I am really impressed with the kit decals, they went down a treat.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Italeri Wessex HU.5 The Build

I have also made a start on the Wessex after debating whether to wait and see what the after-market boys come up with for the kit. In the end I went for it and made a modest start.

I have found some nice interior and exterior pictures of the real thing on the web and plan to add some extra details as I go along. I'm no expert on anything which has wings or rotors however so I don't plan on fixing any errors on the kit. I'm just going to build it and have fun!

In A Distressed State!

Last night I attacked the 254 with water and a couple of stiff brushes to start adding wear and chipping to the model via the AK interactive worn effects fluid underneath the desert yellow top coat. I worked around areas of obvious wear as well as adding some random areas too.

As you can see the process has also worn the overall colour and given it a more faded look. You will also see that in some places I have worn the paint layers down to the primer layer. No biggie as the next stage will be going back over the model with a fine brush and sponge to add some finer wear using panzer grey and various rust tones as well as a lighter sand colour for contrast around some of the bigger wear areas.

Luckily the base for the model arrived yesterday so I am now just waiting for some nice Alpine figures for the scene I am contemplating to arrive.

Friday 14 September 2012

Desert Sand Oddball

The 254 has been primed then sprayed with Tamiya XF-63 German grey then once that was dry I sprayed two good coats of AK interactive worn effects fluid over the model.Then again once dry my mix for desert yellow consisting of equal parts of Tamiya XF-60 dark yellow and XF-57 buff was sprayed over the model. It's now drying off so I will probably start the Wessex later on today, just can't resist the kit!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Wessex Review

Having now had a few hours of drooling over the kit parts I will now divulge my humble assessment for you.
The first thing of note is that Italeri has the aircraft designation wrong, it should actually be "HU.5" not "UH" as shown on the box. I believe that the "UH" designation is actually for US aircraft.
The model is moulded in a light grey plastic and comes on five sprunes plus a fret of photo etch and some mesh. The decals are very well printed and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The clear parts are blemish free and look very easy to mask. The cockpit part has some nice raised rivet detail on the frame too.

Moving onto the "D" sprunes and here we have some excellent rotor blades, each one has been cast with the correct droop in them. The main wheels have flat spots as does the tail wheel and these look just right.

The main fuselage halves have some very nice details such as panel lines and rivet detail. Some of the horizontal panel lines look a little soft but nothing a quick pass with a scriber won't sort out. The cockpit and cargo areas look nicely done and are a good starting point if you want to add more detail but would look fine as they are.

The nose section on sprune B is very nicely done with plenty of details on the parts.The etched fret has seat belts, and instrument panel and various grills for placement on the fuselage and the sheet of nylon mesh is for the nose intake. However I would replace this with some suitable brass mesh.

Markings wise there are four options to choose from,
"A" Royal Navy No874 squadron Falklands 1982
"B" Royal Air Force No84 squadron Akrotiri Cyprus 1987
"C" Royal Navy No771 squadron Culdrose 1987
"D" Royal Navy RAE Farnborough 1982

I think it's great to see an all new model of the venerable Wessex and am very impressed with the kit. The drooping blades, weighted wheels and the ease of the assembly are all plus points for me as well as the very reasonable price, £25.99 here in the UK. Out of the box you will have a very nice looking model, with a small amount of detailing you will have a stunner.

No doubt the after-market boys will go to town offering all sorts of upgrades and improvements in the near future but to be honest I don't think the kit needs that much. Just a few wires and cables especially around the landing wheel struts and a few more knobs and buttons in the cockpit to busy it up are all that's required should you feel the need. I personally can't wait and will be starting the kit soon! Once I have trawled the web for suitable pictures and info that is.

Italeri 1/48th Wessex UH.5

Oh god I've bought another model! this time it's Italeri's new Wessex. I only went to the local hobby store for some paints but saw this and before you could say "I have to many kits already" it was in the bag!

A quick dribble over the kit contents revels a very nice looking model. I will be posting a more in depth review later at some point. I think this is going to the top of the pile as it looks so cool and I have not seen many built up.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Seriously On A Roll

Three posts in a day! good grief something is bound to go wrong soon. The main construction of the 254 is now finished and as predicted it was a very quick and painless process. A few improvements where made but nothing too taxing.

I used a bit of Mr surfacer here and there and added some texture to the exhaust. For such a complex kit there where no real problems and the build was a complete joy. So the model will be off for a bath later so expect the painting stages soon!

Mirror models Chevrolet C15TA Armoured carrier

Here is a new manufacturer which has caught my eye, Mirror Models will soon be releasing two very interesting vehicles, the CMP Chevrolet C15TA armoured carrier and a C15TA with a truck body. Both highly innovative and interesting subjects. I am very interested in the armoured carrier as I can just visualise the model festooned with kit!

Check out their web site for more details and pictures, Mirror Models The test shots look excellent and should make up into a superb model. You can purchase direct from Mirror models and for the very reasonable price of 43 Euro(about £35) which includes postage I have ordered one for myself!

Tracks Finished!

I knuckled down last night and finished the right side track run and again managed to get a nice tight run. I have also opted for wheels up on the model and fixed the rear axle in position but left the front axles loose at this stage. It makes it easier to fit the tracks later on.

as you can see I have also started to add the hull fixtures. Parts B4 & B31 the engine hatches need some sanding down on the undersides as they stand too proud of the hull. Also part B5 the side hull hatch is not a good fit. I had to add a piece of plastic card behind it to close up an annoying gap. I also replaced etched part PE-26 with a plastic card item as the etched part just did not fit.

Construction should be swift now as there are not many more parts to add.

Monday 10 September 2012

Testing Tracks!

Well I have now completed one side's worth of track. It took me an age to get the correct tension without any sag! It really tried my patience. However I now know that it's better to start from the top and allow each section to dry off for about an hour. Then on the final links use a few drops of super-glue to ensure a solid bond.

As the drive sprocket is loose I can remove the tracks with care and paint & weather off the vehicle. Only the other side to do now!!

Here is a picture of Buck after a hard days scrounging and being fed tasty morsels on Saturday during our annual family BBQ. The weather for once was fabulous and I must say I did drink far to much pimms and beer!