Wednesday 27 March 2013


Yesterday saw what feels like the most traumatic day of my life with the sad passing of my beloved and faithful companion Buck. Unfortunately Buck was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in January which was inoperable and it seems the tumour was more aggressive than first thought. Buck first bounded into my life in April of 2006 when I was on a PD1 police dog course and he was issued to me. Even then he was a big dog and I fell in love with his cheeky ways and loving nature very quickly. He was my constant companion, work partner and protector for five years, always happy in his work he was one of the best! loving particularly bite work and tracking. In 2011 he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his hips so he retired and came to live at home. Here he quickly settled in learning loads of naughty habits from Merlin and generally living the life of Riley being spoilt rotten! He was an instant hit with all who met him mostly due to the fact he would lean against you demanding a fuss!

After Merlin's passing last year he became the constant in our lives and helped us get over that loss. In particular he adored my wife and liked nothing better than following her around the house and getting constant attention! I had hoped that he would go on for a few years after retirement but sadly that was not to be, at least he enjoyed his time at home and was loved by all. Buck you will be deeply missed my boy and I love you.

Sunday 24 March 2013

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Visit

Saturday saw me off to the Boscombe Down aviation collection for a visit as the collection is now based at Old Sarum airfield just outside of Salisbury. As my parents where over for the weekend I took my father along as he just loves aircraft of all types. On the day the collection was holding an aero jumble with plenty of stalls displaying all sorts of aircraft related items.

A pleasant couple of hours was spent looking around and discovering the interesting history of Boscombe Down and the important role it has played over the years. The hanger was a little chilly though! One of the bonus features of the collection is that you can actually sit in the cockpits on display! something my dad took full advantage of, here he is enjoying the very limited view of a canberra cockpit,

Well worth a visit in my humble opinion, more info from the collection's web site,

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Ah! Some Progress!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but as usual it's been busy around the old smudge household! Spring has (almost) sprung so I have been busy getting the garden back into shape as well as doing a few repairs and maintenance tasks. Mrs Smudge does like to keep me busy! I have also had to purchase a new camera as my trusty old one finally gave up the ghost. The new camera is much more complicated and I am only just starting to understand it's functions. I have been doing a little modelling on the RSO when I was not feeling too knackered and it's coming along nicely. The rear bed is made up of loads of parts but they all fit extremely well. I'm very close to the painting stages now with only a few bits to add to the model.

Now the question is to use the tarp or not?