Red Zebra New Air Con Units

Today I received a new release from red zebra, 1/35th air con units. These are a prominent feature in hotter climates especially the middle east so they have a wide appeal to the diorama builder. Cast in light grey they have excellent detail and would look perfect on any building. The best bit for me is the inclusion of laser cut grills for the fan, these are perfect and much better than photo etch. In fact they will be far easier to paint and add later once the main body is painted up. You get two per set at £11 which is extremely reasonable in my opinion.

Paul also kindly sent me some of his head sets, a bald character selection & middle eastern head set. Both are really nice with some great expressions. Perfect for adapting existing figures.

And finally a small sample from the crated stores range, this time for WW1 US scenes. Of course you could use these for anything and as ever they hold a variety of stores and are perfectly cast.

Red zebra continue to listen to their customers and produce the goods every time with a quality product at reasonable prices. I'm chuffed with the air con units in particular as others on the market are very expensive for what they essentially are so to have a cheaper and better option can only be a good thing.

Red zebra website is here,

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