Thursday, 17 January 2019

Humvee Base Work

I've now started working on the base and I'm using one of those deep picture frames which I found in a shop called "the range". I've just turned it upside down and used foam board, cork sheet and polystyrene to make up the basic ground work. I'm thinking of adding a fence to the bank and then adding lots of rubbish against it. 

Brian has told me that when he was in Kosovo rubbish was very much in evidence everywhere. In fact he said dead dogs where also a sad feature of the environment at that time. I won't add a dead mutt but I can certainly add lots of rubbish! The cork sheet will become tarmac so I've got a couple of products to try for that. AK terrains asphalt & puddles should fit the bill nicely. I'll add a couple of pot holes too I think. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Humvee Lights & Glazing

All the lights and glazing have now been painted up where needed and fitted. So next will be some tamiya buff and pigments to finish it off. I'm also preparing the base for the model and will be starting that once the frame is varnished to my satisfaction.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tamiya Corolla Further Work & Real Colors Test

I've now done almost all of the interior painting and decaling and also just finished spraying the glazing. Looks pretty good even with the decal seat belts I think. Now I just need to steel myself and get the bodywork gloss coated ready for a rather large amount of decals!

On the Churchill front I've attempted to lighten the mix with flat flesh in my usual way to add highlights to the model but this has not worked as I expected. Starting off by adding only a small amount of flesh it mixed well but once sprayed was actually darker than the original coat. It also really changed the colour which suprised me.

After a bit of head scratching I tried white but the same thing happened. I was thinking of using sand or buff but I think this would not lighten the colour. I have no idea why it won't lighten as both gunze & tamiya are compatible with the AK paints. Perhaps the S.C.C 15 is a more complex colour mix than I thought. So decision made, I'll just add highlights etc during weathering with oils if I can. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Real Colors S.C.C 15 Olive Drab Test & Humvee Matt Coat

Today I have been testing the real colours paint on the Churchill after giving it a blast of grey primer. The first thing I noticed was that the real colors paint smells a lot stronger than my usual tamiya and gunze paints. Also the thinner has a very strong whiff so the two combined have a very strong odour. The paint thinned down very well with the real colors thinner but you will find that any paint left over from mixing on your stirrer etc will not come of with water.

It has no effect on the paint. However the thinner cleans it off no problem. Onto spraying now and I found it went through the airbrush beautifully. I thinned it down to a milky like consistency, the same as I do for tamiya & gunze. It went down very well indeed drying almost straight away to a lovely matt finish. The colour also built up very quickly to a nice intensity. 

The specific colour of S.C.C 15 olive drab was used by the British during the latter part of WW2 and has been subject to many discussions and paint mixes over the years on the web. As ever colour is a knotty subject especially as we all perceive colour differently, however this gives you an excellent starting point. As a side note Mike Starmer did work with real color on this and other British specific paints in the range.

 I'm not an expert but to me it looks very good indeed. The pictures show it straight out the bottle without any of my usual fading added. I will however add some fading later using tamiya flat flesh so the experimentation continues! So what do I think about this paint? Well I'm very impressed, it performs as well as my usual brands and looks really good. The only negative is the smell but a mask will help eliminate this anyway. I'll definitely look at getting some of the other colours in the range to add to my paint armoury.  

Onto the humvee now and after some dark pin washes & a further filter I've sprayed the matt on using VMS matt varnish. it looks a lot more subtle now, perhaps too much so but I can remedy this with pigments and good old tamiya buff next! 

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Crocodile Extra Armour

I've now added the extra armour using the red zebra spare links. I really like the look of this now, looks very war like. I'm now not adding any stowage to the top of the fuel trailer so the model's gone off for a wash before primer.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Cracking The Crocodile

Well that really did not take long did it? The kit's almost finished with just some track extra armour to add and some stowage on the roof of the fuel trailer. Paul's package arrived this morning much to my surprise and delight and I straight away checked out the weighted wheels for the trailer. They are excellent and give a very realistic sit to it now. 

Likewise the spare track links are great and will look good festooned about the front hull and around the turret. Paul is always making new and interesting stuff both for 1/48th and 1/35th so check out his site, you'll find it in the useful links section on the blog. Also as you can see I could not resist adding a few improvements along the way to the model, so much for OTB!

Friday, 11 January 2019

1/48th Tamiya Churchill Crocodile

Yes another project has hit the bench and it's tamiya's smashing little Churchill. I've decided on this mostly as a test bed for the AK real colours SCC 15 olive drab paint I've just acquired. Also that smashing chap Paul from Red Zebra scale models is kindly sending me some spare tracks and a set of weighted wheels for the fuel trailer.

A starts been made and as you can see the quality is first class. The way tamiya have tackled the tracks is particularly ingenious. Starting at the front a small section of track is located on a couple of pins so there is no chance of you getting them on the wrong way round. I've also built up the bottom run of tracks so I can remove them for painting.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Humvee Weathering

The weathering has now commenced on the humvee with a couple of filters using thinned  MIG neutral wash. As you can see it's really popped all those tiny bolts and details already. Once this has fully dried I'll add a darker pin wash in selected areas before further filters and some dust deposits.

Corolla Black Work!

Yesterday I got down to painting some of the interior and drive train parts using a mix of tamiya and vallejo colours as well as a chrome liquid pen. A small amount of masking, a bit of spraying and a lot of brush painting and I'm almost there. I'm pleased with the results of which most won't be seen on the finished model I expect!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Corolla White Work

Another day another model and this time I've been spraying the corolla parts that need to be white using zero paints pure brilliant white, Boy does this stuff stink! However with my benchvent and a suitable mask I really didn't smell a thing. The benchvent certainly sucked away any whiffs very effectively.

To get a good solid colour I put down 5 coats of paint leaving each to flash off for about 10 minutes. I also put the parts in a box with a lid between coats to stop any dust settling on the paint. I'm very pleased with the result, it looks flawless and actually has a matt sort of finish to it. This will cure for a few days, possibly a week before I really bite the bullet and spray the lacquer gloss on before decals! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Humvee Gloss, Decals & Paint Supplies

After a gloss coat using Johnson's klear the model has now been decaled. Nothing to catch you out here except for some access carrier film on the KFOR decals which needs trimming off. This makes it much easier to position the decals properly. With all the curves and depressions on the doors I used Daco medium setting solution which works a treat settling the decals down nicely.

I have also been stocking up on paints, mostly for the corolla but also to try out the AK real colours paints. So it's full steam ahead on the corolla with plenty of painting and masking to come!