Tuesday, 19 March 2019

ICM Model T Ambulance

More on the ambulance now and I've sprayed the model with mr hobby H56 intermediate blue. It looks really good and as ever went down smooth as silk. I plan on depicting a relatively fresh in service vehicle so no lightening of the base colour will be done. I'll rely on washes & filters later to add depth and interest to the model instead.


Marksman Gloss & Decals

A gloss coat of johnson's klear and decals have now been added to the model. Again not much to worry about here with only 6 decals to put on but these are possibly the weakest area of the whole kit. The Finnish roundels are pretty rubbish as the blue portions are off centre which makes the whole thing look odd.

In the end I punched out new white circles for the backs and trimmed up the decals. Not perfect but better than the originals. Also the rear hazard boards are smaller than the edgings cast onto the plastic so you need to remove the inner edgings and add new ones from plastic strip. Both are not massive problems but annoying nonetheless. 

I also added a few data placards from spare decals here and there. So it's now ready for some weathering. 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Marksman Detail Painting

Most of the detail painting is now done. There's really not much to worry about here so I can now move onto a gloss coat and decals. Then I'll add some wear and sort the lights out and glazing.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Finnish Marksman Camo Complete

After a few days careful masking and spraying the camo is now complete. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and really like the contrast between the colours. It was also a relatively easy scheme to mask being all straight lines. I can now progress to the detail painting next.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Finnish Marksman Camo Painting

I've been plugging away at the camo on the hull and now have finished it minus a couple of small parts that need to be sprayed. Slow & steady wins the race here letting the paint dry properly before masking for the next colour is essential. Being the impatient bugger that I am I have had to sit on my hands a couple of times mind you!

I'm also very pleased with the colours which I think will tone down nicely with some weathering. So next will be the turret and here I've found takom have missed some areas so I will hopefully have a more accurate pattern on it when finished.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Finnish Marksman Masking Test

I've now done a little test to check the durability of the paint when it comes to masking and have masked and sprayed one of the fenders. The result is very good with only a tiny amount of bleed in places and a very small bit of paint lifting on the brass rod mudguard stay. All easily fixed with the base colour and fine brush.

I'm surprised the paint is so resilient having thinned it with water. The light green and black are also very nice and again have a slight satin sheen once sprayed on. I think the key here is to let the paint cure for at least 48 hours to ensure it's fully cured and adhered to the primer coat.


Model T In Primer & A Guest Appearance

With a small window of opportunity last night I sprayed the ambulance in primer and also actually checked I have some of the main colour to hand! Lucky I have a nice new pot of intermediate blue in the paint stash.  

Also keeping to the WW1 theme my mate Soapy has sent me some pictures of a Tommy's War RNAS petty officer he has just finished. I thought I'd post it up as it looks so bloody brilliant! Painted in vallejo acrylics I think he's done a stunning job and the base really sets the figure off beautifully.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

WRC Corolla Body Shell Issues

Remember the Corolla I've been building? Well having finished the interior I moved onto the body shell to prepare it for decals. However the paintwork wasn't very good, (gloss work is not my thing), so I decided to use some micro mesh to smooth out the rough finish. Disaster ensued as I cut through the paint to the bare plastic! 

After some swearing and head scratching I decided that the only way to save it was to strip the paint off and start again. But what to use? Various methods were investigated but in the end I went for dettol, the plain old disinfectant stuff. So into a sealed container the body went to soak for 24 hours. I didn't have much hope of this working so was delighted to find that it had actually worked last night!

Considering that I used a lacquer based main colour and gloss coat I was amazed at how easily the dettol stripped the paint off the parts. It even took the primer off and left no damage to them! The only downside was the house smelt like a bloody hospital last night but that's a small price to pay for a save on this build. I'm now going to spray the body with a rattle can this time around & use a different gloss coat and hopefully not fuck it up!   

Friday, 8 March 2019

Marksman Painting & Model T Figures

After an overnight cure I've tested the paint and found it's quite delicate and will rub off easily. However I've gone ahead and sprayed the dark green and am very impressed with the finish. It's gone on smooth as mustard and looks great. I'll now let this cure for a couple of days, test the durability again and if it rubs off I'll just use some gloss varnish to seal it before masking and spraying on the lighter green.

On to the model T now and whilst that's drying after a wash to remove dust I've built up a couple of the ICM ambulance figures for the vehicle. I'm just using the medic and casualty here. They are nicely cast and assemble with no issues, they just need a bit of filler on the rear of the tunics. 

There won't be much done at the bench this weekend as I have some decorating to do & the rugby's on as well so with any luck I'll have the painting done before the games so I can relax with a couple of beers! 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Marksman Paint Testing

Tonight I decided to experiment with the Akan paint and find the best thinner for spraying. I started with Mr color levelling thinner which turned the paint to the consistency of clotted cream. Next I tried AK thinner which separated the paint and produced a grainy texture. Both definitely not suitable for spraying! Having used up all options I had available I found that plain old tap water thinned the paint perfectly. 

I used a 50/50 mix for this test and it went through the airbrush with no problem. With three to four passes I achieved a nice solid colour too. I've started with the dark green colour so will leave the parts I've sprayed until tomorrow and then test for durability. I also think I'll use slightly less water which will stop any pooling during the painting. The dark green also looks very close to the real colour too.

The takom camo guide is incorrect in places, for example it calls for the wheels and lower hull to be painted in the lighter green shade which is wrong. Careful study of pictures shows that they should be painted in the dark green. Also some of the demarcation lines for the camo pattern are missing so again careful study of references will help you achieve a more accurate camo pattern.

Finnish Marksman Primer

That's the marksman now in primer and rather smashing it looks too. Now we will see how the Akah Finnish specific colours spray!

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

ICM Model T Ambulance Built!

Here's the model all built, another easy and quick process which gets me quicker to my favourite part, the painting. The only thing I'm not happy about are the straps on the spare tyres. They are way too thick and look odd. To save time and because I can't be arsed to thin them down I'll just add a tarp over them later. 

So the model will now go for a wash before primer which gives me a chance to prime the marksman.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Model T Ambulance Progress

The model is flying together even with a few areas needing filler. I was thinking of painting this in sub assemblies but now think I'll just assemble the whole thing minus the rear access door and roof. It shouldn't be a problem spraying the ambulance interior white then masking off.