Tuesday 24 May 2011

Cockpit Complete

The cockpit is now painted and weathered and awaiting fitting into the fuselage. I added a set of eduard pre painted belts and wire to the rear of the instrument panel. I used tamiya XF63 as the main colour and finished it off using vallejo colours and oils. Finally a light dusting of pigments and some chipping with a silver pencil completed the weathering.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Making A Start

I have been plodding away on this over the last couple of days and must say it is a superb kit, a lot of the parts just snap together. Very few sink marks or flash is evident. The cockpit is very well thought out and all I have added is some cables to the back of the instrument panel.

The fuselage has ribbing all the way down and also has a hatch open so you can just about see the radio gear and other bits when fitted.

The business end of the model is very well thought out as you get a white metal front wheel bay so no worry's about this being a tail sitter.
As mentioned I am replacing the kit barrel with a very nice metal and brass item from master models, this is simplicity itself to fit, just cut off the kit barrel and drill a 1.5mm hole for the base of the barrel. As the barrel is broken down into four parts I can add the base and then add the rest of the barrel on final assembly. The muzzle is superb and will really enhance the model when finished.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Messerschmitt Me262 A1 a/U4

After building quite a few AFV's lately I have chosen the superb Hobbyboss 262A 1a/U4 for my next project. I picked it up when it was released and have been itching to start it. The only after market stuff I plan on using is a set of eduard seatbelts and a replacement gun barrel from master models which looks much better than the plastic kit item.

I have also got the valiant wings publications book on the Me262 which is packed with info and detailed pictures. Markings wise I plan on building W/Nr 111899 which was flown by Major Wilhelm Herget of JV44 against USAF formations on two occasions.

Monday 16 May 2011

Done & Dusted

The Stuart is now finished, I used MIG pigments european earth and light european earth for the weathering on the lower hull building it up in places for a caked on look. The base is a simple affair but sets off the vehicle nicely. Very pleased with the final result and I can now finally add a late version Stuart to my collection.

Sunday 15 May 2011

Down by the Sea

I have just returned from a very pleasant weekend break with the wife to Portsmouth. Plenty to see and do as well as some retail therapy for the wife. Saw lots of Navy ships as well as the good old MDP boat section stationed at the Navy's dockyards. Spinnaker Tower was amazing with superb views of the surrounding area. Plus there where plenty of fine restaurants and pubs to choose from. I certainly enjoyed sampling several fine brews!

Thursday 12 May 2011

Matt Machine

I have finally got some more done on the beastie. A matt coat has now been applied and I have finished off the figure, he is an Alpine item with a Warriors head. I used tamiya XF60 as a base and then used various shades of the base colour and vallejo khaki. The rest of the figure was painted using various shades of vallejo colours.

The end is in sight, I now need to add some weathering to the lower hull using MIG pigments, add some metallic areas, add the hull and co-axil machine gun barrels (RB model brass replacements) and finally finish off the base with a bit of groundwork!