Sunday 30 April 2023

Tamiya Me 262 A-1a

In an effort to get out of the funk I find myself in regarding modelling right now I've selected another tamiya aircraft to hopefully lift my spirits and inject a bit of enjoyment back into my modelling. 

The Me 262 is a perfect choice and one I've long admired and wanted to build. The kit has some nice marking options but I'm intrigued with option "A" for an aircraft flown by Major Rudolf Sinner in March 1945. The application of diagonal bands of camouflage on the fuselage is very interesting and the low demarcation of the upper colours is also fascinating. So this could be the option I choose later on! 


Thursday 27 April 2023

Trumpeter NBC Vehicle Project Failed!

Not having fun at the bench right now after yet another disaster. I had primed the model and also sprayed the first colour on. I had some issues with this as the paint was drying before hitting the model even with drying retarder added. 

So I decided to strip the paint with VMS clean slate. All was going well until this morning when I inspected the model and found that the glazing had fogged up somehow. Not sure why this happened as the clean slate has never done this to me before. Perhaps it's due to the poor quality of the trumpeter glazing.  

I was so pissed off that the model ended up in the bin! Yes I could have had the shutters on the window down but that would have required making new hinges which was not the look I wanted on the finished piece. Just lately I cannot seem to finish anything without something going tits up which is extremely frustrating.  

So after a suitable amount of sulking and feeling sorry for myself I'll probably dig into a tamiya kit or perhaps even an aircraft for a change.

Sunday 23 April 2023

JGSDF NBC Ready For Primer.

The construction of the model is now complete and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out so far.  I used almost nothing from the eduard etch set & just added improvements and extras as I saw fit. The model will be off for a wash soon before a good cat of primer. 

Wednesday 19 April 2023

JGSDF NBC Progress

A small amount of progress again. Mostly working on adding the windows and then tow rope. A fair bit of fettling was needed to get a nice fit on the front window panels. These where then sprayed JGSDF green and the window rubbers picked out in black before the glazing went on and the sections were glued in place. 

A bit of light sanding was needed after this for a decent finish. I'll mask the windows later once construction is complete. There are lots of handles on this model as well which all need careful clean up or replacement with brass or lead wire.  

Friday 14 April 2023

More Work On The NBC Vehicle

I'm plodding along nicely on this now after getting all the areas filled with putty, sanded back and everything else cleared up. The rear of the vehicle is now almost finished so I'm working my way forwards as per my usual method.   

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Trumpeter JGSDF NBC Detection Vehicle

Something else recently started on the bench as I was losing the will to live working on the MAN truck. I have been having great difficulty securing the chains to the fuel tanks and after several failed attempts decided to place the build to one side whilst I mull over options.

So out can this old kit from trumpeter of the JGSDF NBC detection vehicle. This has been in the stash for many years but a recently started recon group build on Modellers Haven Online forum was the perfect excuse to drag it out. The kits not that bad considering the age of it with some areas needing a bit of TLC & filler. 


Sunday 2 April 2023

Yeovil Model Show 2nd April 2023

Today saw myself & Brian make the quick trip down the A303 to our first show of the year at the usual venue of the Westfield Academy Yeovil. Unloading and set up went without a hitch and we were soon relaxing with a cup of tea and having a quick look around. The show is spread over three buildings on the campus and we were in the large inflatable sports hall which provides excellent lighting. However this year the temperature in the hall was decidedly on the chilly side, I'll take a coat and blanket next time!  

We were quicky kept busy with plenty of interest in our wares as well as catching up with friends for most of the day. I would say attendance was up on last year as it seemed much busier with plenty of people coming through our hall. Great to see and it makes for a much more enjoyable show for all I think. 

When I did get a quick five minutes I whipped round the other halls for some pictures and to see if anything took my fancy on the trade stands. again plenty of interesting models on display with 1/16th armour becoming more popular I would say judging by the amount of large scale armour on display. Nice to see & I might have a dabble myself at some point.  

All too quickly it was time to pack up and whiz back up the A303 which went pretty well considering the usual Sunday traffic heading back up from the west country. A big thanks goes out to the organisers again for a cracking show & Stonehenge Modellers look forward to returning again next time.