Thursday 30 November 2017

Takom G6 Rhino Project Complete

Here's the model on it's finished base so I'm calling this done now. I will add a figure at some point but it's time to get on with the other builds. I've really enjoyed this kit, it's been pretty easy to build and great fun to paint & weather. It's also been nice to do something totally out of my comfort zone too.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Takom G6 Rhino Base Work

With the weathering complete it's time to turn my attention to the base. Nothing exciting just an MDF base with some plaster & fine sand & small stones. Small grass clumps have gone on now with some longer clumps to follow as well as a few carved plants. 

I also think I've found a suitable figure so all will be revealed on that front when it arrives! 

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Hobbyboss VK1602 Leopard Decals On

Work continues at a blistering pace in the cave juggling four builds at once, which strangely I'm finding quite relaxing. Probably because I'm concentrating on different elements of each build and not as usual thinking what I'll build next, or going off on a completely different tangent "a la Brian Stoddart"!  

Anyway the decals have now gone on and here I used some of my spares for a different look to the kit decals. Love it as it's pure fiction so can do as I please.

Monday 27 November 2017

Takom G6 Rhino Weathering Done

I finished off the weathering last night on the turret and kept it subtle. I then made up a tissue paper tarp and added some of my dwindling supply of netting to the turret basket before adding a carbon fibre antenna. I'm very happy with the effect the pigments has added to the model.

Final base work is underway and here it will be a simple base and not too big as the model is big enough as it is. I am still searching for a figure to go with the model but can always add one later when I find something suitable.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Takom G6 Rhino Pigments!

I've started to tackle the final weathering on this one after adding & painting all the shiny bits. I used scale 75 SPG03 dark mud pigment which has worked very well for South African dust. Initially I was not convinced that the colour was right, in fact I thought I had ballsed it up! However the more that went on the happier I was with the tone. 

So that's the lower hull done with the turret to do. That will get a lot less pigments added. I'm also making up a tarp and some netting to fill the turret top basket.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Hobbyboss PLA ZBD-05 IFV Primer On

The primer coat is now on the model. it took some time due to all the nooks & crannies but I got there in the end. I also sprayed the tracks flat black & sprayed the engine deck screens too. I may add a bit of pre-shading in the morning as well.

The meng figures are also now on their way so with any luck should be with me by the end of the week.

Friday 24 November 2017

VK1602 Leopard, A splash Of Colour

Here's the model after a fun session mucking about with camo patterns. I used tamiya dark yellow with a lot of white added as a base then NATO green & red brown. Both with various amounts of flat flesh added. I'm not that worried about a super neat finish to the pattern as it's going to get loads of wear & weathering later on.


Thursday 23 November 2017

PLA ZBD-05 IFV Figures

Going through my very limited supply of PLA figures I have not found any that are suitable for the model. I do have a set of resin figures but they too didn't suit my ideas. So after a quick trawl on the web I came up with a set of Meng figures for PLA tank crew. 

Just what I was after so they are on the way from Hong Kong and should be here in a couple of weeks. So I will now get on with my other three models and get the ZBD washed & primed.

Monday 20 November 2017

PLA ZBD-05 IFV Turret Done, Model Done!

That's the model all built after finishing off the turret. I added some cabling as seen in my limited references and also added the shell ejection port which nestles at the base of the barrel. Chain went on the smoke dischargers and some duro putty covers went onto the rocket launcher bases, again as per my reference pictures. 

Really chuffed with this kit, again it didn't take long to build and improvements were minimal. Before the model gets any primer or paint I will sort out a couple of crew figures with probably one in the turret and the other standing on the upper hull. 

Sunday 19 November 2017

PLA ZBD-05 IFV A Weekend's Work

This weekend I've been having a blast building up the model. It's all gone really well even with some complicated sections like the front bow section & some very fine and movable mounts for the hydraulic rams. I only have a few more bits to add to the turret and it's finished. As you can see there are loads of periscopes which I've added now. I'll give them all a blast of clear green or blue before masking and then the primer can go on.

I've even checked my paints and for a change actually have the ones I need for the main camo colours, what a result! With the front and rear sections movable it would be a shame to close them up so I'm thinking of doing a base with the vehicle preparing to go into or just coming out of the water. That way I can have a couple of crew figures in or on the upper hull.