Monday 27 May 2013

Type 90 Figures

whilst the model is off drying after a wash I have been working on the figures to go with the tank. They are actually not bad and with a bit of work with a knife and file some of the soft details can be sharpened up nicely. The faces do look very soft in detail but they should do. Tamiya give you loads of rounds, boxes and round tubes to use so a selection have been prepared.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Heavy Metal Samurai

Well that didn't take me long! the building of type 90 is basically finished bar sorting out stowage and figures. This is why Tamiya kits are by far some of the best there is. It's the ease of construction, clear instructions and pure quality of the parts. You just can't beat em! I had to make a new mantlet to turret roof cover as the original was lost somewhere in time. Lead foil and plastic soon sorted that problem out. The Eduard etch when used really enhances the already fine kit and I also used a few bits from the spares box such as the chains on the smoke dischargers.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Yo Sushi Part 2

I have now started working on the type 90 and have been working on the auto loader as well as adding some etch to the hull. The loader looks rather good once painted it's just a shame most of it is hidden once glued into the turret. However what is seen through the access hatch looks good.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Tamiya Type 90 MBT Reloaded

Here's another lost project from last year, Tamiya's type 90 MBT. I didn't get too far into the build before loosing the plot (something which happened quite a bit last year) But now my interest is back it's time to get it done! Here's where I left off last time readers,

One problem has reared it's ugly head and that's a missing part! the mantlet to turret cover no less. This is a rubber part which has obviously been eaten at some point by the carpet monster, the greedy bugger. This should not be a problem as I can easily make a new one from lead foil and plastic strip.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Free French GMC with Bofors Fin!

Just finished off the figure and added to the dio, very pleased with the overall effect but an especially pleased with how the base came out. Hope you like it.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Base Complete & GMC Final Weathering

I have now finished off the base after adding the wall railings and a few leaves. Very pleased with the result, I would get more of these Monroe Perdu bases if they where not so difficult to get here in the UK. Buying form the states is very expensive due to the sky high postage! Anyway here's the base,

The GMC has now received it's final weathering using tamiya earth and buff followed by an assortment of pigments. I didn't want to swamp it with powders so tried to keep it subtle.

So all that's left to do now is fix the model to the base and finish off the flesh areas of the figure.

Friday 17 May 2013

GMC Figure & Base Work

The figure and base have had some attention over the last couple of days and are now close to being finished. The figure is really very nice and with some paint on the details really pop out. For the greatcoat I used panzer ace's 332 Highlight Japan tanker Followed by a dark mix for shadows and a progressively lighter shade for highlights.

The base is also going well after a primer coat I started picking out some cobbles in various tones and painted the brick work again varying the colours. Next up I gave the base a wash of thinned AK interactive's wash for NATO vehicles and once this had dried slightly  I added a load of MIG pigments. Once this was all dry I dusted off the excess and added some oil streaking and grime to the stones and bricks. Lastly the static grass was added to the base. All that's let to do now is to paint the grass and finish off the weathering with some more oils.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Trumpeter Vampire Finished

Just finished off the vamp and I am well pleased with the finished model, apart form the fact it's a bloody tail sitter! I put plenty of weight in the fuselage during construction but my guess is that it was too far back. My own fault for not checking I suppose!  Apart from that minor niggle the model turned out great and looks like a vampire to me. Well worth getting if you want a quick easy build.