Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk 2 Paintwork

Over the last couple of days I've been going through my paints and working out what would be suitable. I eventually went for gunze H36 dark green which I think works perfectly for post war bronze green. For the stone colour I went for gunze H313 yellow with a drop of white added. For the wheels I used tamiya XF 58 rubber black which is a superb tyre colour especially for larger wheels.

I first sprayed the green then when that was dry masked off using silly putty and tape. The stone tone went on after this. Once all the masking came off I then touched up where needed. As you can see I have not added any of my usual tonal variations to the base colours on this one, rather I will rely on weathering later on. 

You will also see that the colours are gloss, that's how they come out of the bottle but I will be matting this down later. Although bronze green was a gloss colour I think that if it was left gloss the model would look unrealistic so Matt varnish will be used.


  1. Just been referred to your blog and damn it just too late to pick up the point about the external cabling. I am also building an early variant based in Aden but am going for the plain Lt Stone cam. I did consider removing the cabling, now I know about it it is obvious in my references, but have advanced too far so will learn to live with it.
    Really like your build, may I know how you made the browning barrel support on the turret side? I have had a go but it looks too clumsy. And who makes the browning barrels?

    Cheers Nick

  2. Hi Nick thanks for your comments glad you like it. The barrels for the MG's are master items, check out ebay or go direct , http://www.master-model.pl/
    The barrel support is just a bit of thin plastic rod with a clamp fashioned from a very thin piece of etch from an old fret.

  3. Nice painting job Pete. The hard edges camo is very sharp with your method but why the turret's camo have soft edge patern ?

  4. Alain I used sausages of silly putty to get that hard edged look, as for the turret it hasn't had the stone colour added yet

  5. Just out of curiosity, why green, then stone? Conventional wisdom is to paint the lightest color, then go darker, but then I'm used to painting figures!

  6. Michael I went this way around instead of the norm as all the undersides are green, in fact the bulk of the colour scheme is green plus I'm lazy sometimes and couldn't face all that masking!