Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk2 .30 Cal & Searchlight

As my replacement barrels arrived yesterday I went ahead and tackled the .30 cal on the commander's station. For this I used an old body from the spares and then made up the frame from plastic card and also found an old bit of etch for the bracket. The barrel is  a Masters item and very nice it looks too. The searchlight came from the spares as well and was dressed up with plastic, lead wire and strip with a new mounting made from plastic rod. 

After some discussion with Brian S about the antennas and their bases I went back over my refs as he thought that early & Aden sally's only had three instead of four as provided in the kit. He's right, I could not find one picture of early sally's with four bases. However later vehicles from the 70's all have four. So maybe this was another upgrade later on in the vehicles life. Easy fix this with a razor saw I removed the mount behind the gunners station as per my refs.

I also think I have found some replacement bases in the spares box, these are from the accurate armour Ferret which comes with No 19, Larkspur & Clansman radios. I'm pretty sure these are Larkspur mounts but as I haven't yet found out what radios Aden sally's were fitted with I still have some research to do before I decide on the final type to fit. Kit item is far left and AA items are in the middle.

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