Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk2 Yep I think It's Done!

First off a big thanks to Des, Ken & Chris who all came up with some excellent explanations of Saladin radio fits and suggestions. Cheers guys your advice was a great help. Last night saw me add the gun canvas cover from green stuff and add the tow ropes and antenna bases to the turret. The ropes are only semi fixed which will help during painting. I plan to use some thin tape later to fix them to the tie downs along the sides of the turret.

Also thanks to Brian I've added a tiny trigger to the .30 cal, well it's no use without one! I think the model is now all done, the only things to add are the padlocks on the lower bins and the driver's mirrors. I'm very pleased with the final result and am looking forwards to getting some paint on the beast.


  1. Ha ha! cheers Fernando hopefully she should be in primer this weekend