Saturday 27 March 2021

Brennus Matt Coat

Not much done this week but I did manage to get the matt coat on & add/paint all the glazing & shiney bits. Next will be some dust effects using wilder aqualine products.

Monday 22 March 2021

Brennus Washes & Filters

The model has now had a few washes and filters added and they are starting to pop the details nicely. I used a diluted filter first using MIG neutral wash followed by a couple of washes using modellers world black brown oil wash. This was followed by a filter using industrial dirt colour from the same maker. A couple more pin washes need to go on before matt coat I think.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Brennus Chipping Done

I've now finished all the paint chipping on the model and very nice it looks too. At the moment the effect is very stark but this will all tone down with the help of some washes & filters. It really does make a change to heavily chip a modern tank in this way, especially one used by a NATO member. 


Friday 19 March 2021

AMX Tracks, Wheels & Sprockets

The model has now had more chipping added to finish the hull off and now the tracks wheels & sprockets have had a similar treatment. I started on the sprockets adding various rust & brown tones with a sponge and fine brush following reference pictures to get an idea how the paint wears down on them. Once happy with that the wheels had a small amount of chipping added. I could have added more but as these will eventually be covered in a layer of dust & grime I could not see the point.

Finally the tracks had various shades added using a fine sponge before painting the outer track pads & adding a grey wash to the inner surfaces of the tracks. Some graphite will add some wear to these later on once final weathering is complete.



Wednesday 17 March 2021

AMX-30 B2 Brennus Chipping.

I've been really enjoying myself adding all the chips and scratches to the hull and have now finished it off. The exhausts were also painted up using various rust and brown tones all applied with a sponge. A quick black wash as well and they are ready for final weathering later. Next I will be working on the wheels, sprockets & tracks before turning my attention to the turret.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

AMX & Supacat Decals

With a gloss coat on the Brennus last night this morning I added the decals which took all of 2 minutes. This afternoon I've been adding some chipping to the model following my references for this particular vehicle. It's quite unusual to see modern armour with so much wear so it makes it even more fun to replicate. 

On the real thing you can see various tones including the original French olive drab shade and what I think is the sand used during the first Gulf war. 

The supacat has also had some chipping but very subtle as these seem to have been kept in good order. Decals also have gone on & the load of 105 cases look really good with them in place. 


Monday 15 March 2021

Brennus Paint On

I've now been able to get the camo colours onto the model using Hataka A124 vert fonce IR for the green followed by Gunze H310 with a few drops of Tamiya XF 68 and finally Tamiya XF 69. After the initial passes I then tightened up the pattern edges and corrected any oversprayed areas. This has been followed by some detail painting before the gloss coat goes on to protect it all as the Hataka paint can be a little delicate.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

AMX & Supacat More Progress

The AMX has had a good coat of primer today, I used grey and black ensuring that behind the extra armour all the nooks and crannies were thoroughly covered with the paint.

The supacat has also had some attention with the main colour going on yesterday & today some fading, detail painting and gloss coat going on. As usual I used tamiya XF 65 field grey for the main colour and faded with XF 15 flat flesh. The wheels and other areas that needed to be black or grey were then painted using various shades of the two.