Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk2 Adding Details

Yesterday's work for you now and I started by adding the missing exhaust pipe by drilling a couple of holes, one in the hull and the other underneath the silencer. I then used some flexible wire to fashion a pipe then gave it a swipe with Mr surfacer. The guard was made up using scrap etch and plastic. Whilst I had the Mr surfacer out I also gave the hull sides where I had removed the conduits a thinned coat.

New mud flaps and their mounts were made up from plastic card and I damaged the one under the silencer as per my refs. The tools are a mix of kit and spare items and the armoured covers for the engine deck are now in place too. I've also changed the fire extinguishers for accurate armour items as the kit supplied ones look nothing like any type of British extinguisher I've ever seen.

The fenders are now getting some attention and I used some accurate armour padlocks for the stowage boxes, I'll add some on the bottom boxes later on during the build. No good adding them now as I'd only keep knocking them off! I also replaced the kit horn guard with one made up from scrap etch as the kit part is overly thick.

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