Wednesday 27 July 2011

Back At It

Well after a little break for my holidays(to a very sunny Greece) I have started up on the model again. I have added some superb DEF Model resin wheels and started on the weapons using the Legends detailing set. I found this set so far to be a total pain suffering from poor instructions and warping of the resin parts. I get the impression this was rushed out by Legend as it is defiantly NOT their usual quality product.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Minor Tweaks

I have been adding a few minor tweaks to the kit in the shape of seat belts and the mount for the spare wheel plus a few bolt heads here and there. Not much else I can do now until my goodies arrive.

I have also been going through my accessories for stowage. I have decided to save the legend stuff for a later WMIK and try and use equipment more suitable for the earlier period I am building. Obviously the stowage situation is subject to change!

Now the dilemma is do I start something else whilst waiting for the extras or sit on my hands and wait?

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Radio GaGa

I have now finished fitting the clansman radio and associated wiring. At times this almost sent me gaga trying to find info on WMIK clansman fitting so in the end I had to settle for my best guess. Probably not 100% accurate but if I spent any more time on this I would never get the model finished! Sometimes you just have to compromise.

Also added some extra details to the driver and commanders seats which again are the legend items. Now I am just waiting on the legends weapons update set,DEF resin wheels and some accurate armour ammo boxes to finish off the construction stage of the model.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Delightful Defender

More work for you this time I have completed the TUAAM box,added the radio table in the rear and made a start on the seats and made some other improvements.

The biggest surprise was actually finding a clansman radio in the spares box whilst rooting through it for suitable parts to make a radio. It's an old accurate armour item from their ferret kit. As an added bonus it's even the correct radio I need, to say I was pleased would be an understatement!

I have also been looking at the kit ammo boxes and will be replacing them with a mixture of resin and plastic items. The kit boxes look too small to my eyes plus they have some horrible join lines which look a bugger to get rid of. The tan coloured boxes are the kit supplied items in the pictures below.

Saturday 2 July 2011

The Devil's In The Details

Yesterday saw me working away on the engine bay adding extra cables and other components to help busy up the engine bay. I also added some extra details to the engine and made a start on the TUAAM box using plastic card.

Friday 1 July 2011

Wolfs Clothing

Here is some progress for you, I have now glued the side panels and front wings onto the body and added all the bits to the chassis but not glued the radiator housing,engine or anything else at the moment. The fit is very good indeed apart from the front bumper which comes in two parts and even when glued together is very fragile. I managed to snap mine in half whilst cleaning out the towing recess. Why it's not just a single part I do not know.

The rear stowage bin is a thing of beauty, the etch fitted like a dream. The bonnet has had some bolts added to the underside and I will be using the legend bonnet basket too. I will be adding extra detail to the engine bay over the next few days.