Thursday 31 March 2011

Rapid Progress

Well I have managed to make some rapid progress on my builds, except the Stuart which is coming together slowly whilst the other builds take priority. Got the main colours down on the Hetzer after the second attempt. I used masking fluid the first time and it just did not work. So after stripping the model I went for a combination of masking tape and silly putty. The resulting finish is much better. The Quad guns have had a blast of OD and both models have now been given a coat of klear and decals.

I need to get these finished in the next couple of weeks for my client and can now concentrate on the weathering with plenty of time to spare. I will be at IPMS Newbury's show on Saturday manning the Locate&Cement stand so do pop by and say hello if you are at the show.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

M5A1 Late Version Stuart

Here is the latest on the bench, AFV club's superb M5A1 late Stuart. So far everything is going well, the detail on the kit is very nice indeed.

I am also doing three commission jobs whilst doing the Stuart, a 1/35th Tamiya Hetzer built in an afternoon it's that good! and two 1/35th Dragon quad trailers again a very easy build but with great detail.

should keep me busy for some time!!

Monday 14 March 2011

Mighty Midget!

Finished off the Defender today, I just added some thinned tamiya smoke around recesses and details. No panel washes as the real choppers are kept very clean. Very pleased with the result especially the crystal clear canopy!

Thursday 10 March 2011

Fast and Furious!

Well the little defender is certainly a quick model to build! The main sub assemblies where all washed then mounted on cocktail sticks for painting and the main canopy glazing glued on and masked. After primer I sprayed a mix of Tamiya XF-20 XF-49 and XF-2 then went back over with a lighter shade. Today I have given it a gloss coat and added the decals. A nice simple step as there are only 5 decals per side.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Chopper Progress

I have been fitting in a little modelling on the Defender over the last week, after many hours of toil I managed to get the whole model built up, Oh OK it only took me a couple of hours! Added some tape and plastic seat belts and hollowed out the engine exhausts too. Next some primer and some canopy polishing.