Thursday 16 September 2021

Space Marine No3 & All Finished

I've now completed the third figure and actually finished this in one evening sitting. Again I went for a slightly more worn appearance which I think looks great. These figures have certainly got the modelling mojo going again which is a good thing. I think I'll look for something else slightly different from my usual modelling choices as well. Could be more warhammer or perhaps something else, who knows! 

Monday 13 September 2021

No 2 Finished

Here's the second figure finished, I seem to be getting the knack of painting these now. This one is a veteran distinguished by the white helmet so I've added quite a bit of wear to the armoured suit. Very enjoyable painting this one and I think he looks pretty good.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Space Marines One Down

Just finished the first figure and very pleased with it I am too. Very enjoyable this mini painting lark. I'm going to do the other two figures in the same colour but will be playing around with methods and wear a bit more just to see how far I can go before it starts looking OTT.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Space Marines!

In an effort to kick start the mojo I've been dabbling in the very different genre of warhammer figures. A small starter set was purchased with three figures included as well as a small selection of paints and off I went. There's not much in the way of assembly to worry about but there is lots of interesting painting to do. 

So far I'm enjoying the experience, it's just so different to my normal fare and I'm having fun trying different methods and processes. I'll probably paint each figure in a different scheme just for a bit of fun as well. Here's the work so far.