Thursday 30 September 2010


Well I thought it was about time I did some more modern armour so have selected the Trumpeter LAV III TUA kit from the stash.

This is a smashing kit with loads of detail, the main hull parts fit together very well and I even like the rubber wheels supplied. A few minor additions are being added in the form of tape and plastic card straps and some brass padlocks. One thing that has impressed me is the kit supplied etch which is very easy to work with and not overly complicated.

Sunday 26 September 2010

Paint Your Wagons

After a coat of primer I began painting the wagons using my usual tamiya colours and gunze off white for the ambulance version. This wagon had a good coat of tamiya German grey then a liberal coat of hairspray before spraying the off white on. After a couple of minutes I used a stiff brush and plenty of water to add the wear to the white.

Once dry I added some extra chipping to the ambulance version and some chipping using vallejo old wood and Iraqi sand to the cargo version followed by MIG filters and some pin washes to both wagons. The decals came next followed by some more washes and finally a matt coat.

Lastly I finished off with some heavily thinned tamiya colours and MIG pigments and made up and painted the load for the cargo version and they are all finished.

These wagons are not something I would normally build myself but they are quite enjoyable and have definitely helped return my enthusiasm for modelling again, now what to build now?

Saturday 25 September 2010

Wagons Roll!

During this past week I have been doing some more commission work in the shape of italeri's horse drawn carriages. The kits are quite simple but do need lots of sanding and filling. I think these must be the old ESCI moulds. Construction however does not take long.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Trafalgar Tastic!

Just finished the sub today. I did start by trying to alter the tones of the paint scheme but it just did not look right so I opted for a all over coat of tamiya NATO black.Very pleased with it as it has definitely kick started my mojo!

Sunday 12 September 2010

Back in the saddle

Well after an eventful few months plus loosing the will to model I have finally got the modelling mojo back! So to ease myself back I have selected a nice simple kit to start with, Airfix's superb 1/350 scale Trafalgar class submarine. Great kit with only a few parts and nice detail as well. The fit of parts was very good and with care only a light sanding is needed along the hull joints.

After a few hours I had a completed model on the bench and my enthusiasm back! what could be better?

next up will be the usual wash in soapy water then some painting. Who knows I may even get the steyr kommanderwagen dio started!