Wednesday 30 September 2020

38(t) Pigments

 Finally I've got round to applying the final weathering with pigments. It's taken a while due to other more pressing matters and yet again a massive dip in my modelling mojo!

So first I started by applying some VMS pigments to the tracks then added some worn metal effects with graphite powder and a pencil. The lower hull was then lightly weathered with pigments before fitting the tracks in place. The rest of the model has again been finished with a light application of pigments. Just a little bit more needs to be done before I can sort out a small base for it.


Saturday 19 September 2020

38(t) Oil Fading & Matt Varnish

Finally got the matt varnish on this evening after a few sessions of oil fading. Again keeping it subtle I mostly worked on fading the horizontal surfaces using light grey oils. This has lifted the areas worked on giving more interest to the monotone colour. A few days to cure now before pigments & final assembly.

Saturday 12 September 2020

Tamiya 38(t) Start Of The Weathering

 Today the model has had a couple of thin filters and pin washes added to start off the weathering process. I'll add a slightly darker pin wash in the morning and once that's dry start the oil streaking. I'm not going for a heavily scratched or chipped vehicle here as I want to show a relatively new arrival on the eastern front. 

I also bagged a rather nice kit from airfix today whilst out shopping. It's a re-box of the thunder models kit and looks to be a simple and fun build. It was also cheap as chips!

Friday 11 September 2020

38(t) Figure & Darkstar Metallic Paints Test

 Following a suggestion from my old mate Soapy I added a final black wash to the figure before matt varnish. This helped darken the final appearance of the uniform so I'm much happier with it now. He just needs his binos added to his hand and he's all done. 

For some reason I've always had a bit of a block when it comes to black uniforms. best practice on some more soon! I should also be getting some washes & filters onto the tank as well this weekend.

I've also been playing with some new to me acrylic metallic paints from a company called Darkstar. Today I did a little experimenting by first painting a bit of cardboard with black primer then starting with a brush painting test. The colours from left to right are, bright steel, graphite, pewter, copper & brass. I applied two coats with a brush using water to slightly thin each colour. The paint went down really well and the colours are very intense. 

Below this I sprayed the same colours using a couple of drops of Darkstar thinner. The paint sprayed really well and the tones are nice and strong. Some more experimenting needs to be done regarding mix ratios and airbrush pressure but the initial test results look very promising. All pictures below have not been edited so you can see as close as possible how they look.

I'm rather impressed with these paints, the pigments look to be very fine and the colour intensity is very nice indeed. They can be mixed easily with each other and they clean up with water. Darkstar make 27 different metallic colours and they don't cost the earth as well. You can check them out here, DARKSTAR

Wednesday 9 September 2020

38(t) Figure Done

 I've now finished painting the figure with just a matt varnish to add. I think I should have used a darker grey base coat on this as now the uniform doesn't look that black. Perhaps it will darken enough once the matt coat is on. 

Tuesday 1 September 2020

38(t) Figure Painting

 A spot of figure painting now whilst I contemplate the weathering of the tank. This time I started with the flesh areas before moving on to the uniform. As usual vallejo colours have been used and for the uniform base coat I went for 862 black grey. This has been followed by pure black for the shadow areas. Some highlights will be next but just on the very top of areas that catch the light.