Meng British Army Husky TSV

I've now had the opportunity to have a good rummage in the box so a review and my thoughts on this kit seem like a good idea. As a fan of British army vehicles both modern and WW2 vintage it's always nice to see another vehicle released in plastic and this kit was a very nice surprise when Meng announced it a while back. 

The kit comes in the usual sturdy Meng box with a very nice bit of cover art. Inside you get 7 sprues, two bags with larger parts and tyres and another small pack containing the decals and small photo etched fret plus the instruction booklet and colour painting guide.

The first sprues we look at are "A" and here there are two of them covering various parts of the build including the seats, wheel hubs and fuel cans. The front seats have the harnesses molded in place which is fine if you are not going to crew the model. You get both fuel and water cans too which all look good. In fact the detail is as I have come to expect from Meng, very sharp and well molded.

"B" sprue has parts for the main body of the vehicle and again they all look crisp with plenty of detail.

"C" "D" & "F" sprues are also nicely done and "D" also has a very good GPMG for the weapons station.

"E" deals with the clear parts and they come very well protected too. All glazing is crystal clear here and looks excellent.

The separate bagged parts contain the engine hood, truck bed, cab, tyres and 4 poly caps. The rubber tyres have excellent tread detail with no seam to remove which is usually a chore on rubber tyres. 

The decal sheet is comprehensive with plenty of data and warning stickers to add. You get two registration numbers too. The small etched fret contains parts for the radio racks and surrounds for the outer door release handles.

 The instructions are well laid out and cover the build over 32 stages. The colour sheet is perhaps only useful for decal placement as the colour called out, AK US tan is not a good match for the real British army colour. 

I must say I'm very impressed with the kit, the details are excellent and the build looks pretty straight forward. It looks like it can be built in sub assemblies which will make painting much easier. It does not come with radios but then I would not expect it too as Bowman is the current British army comms system. However it should not be too had to knock something up.

All the doors can be posed open and the front steering is workable. All I can see that needs adding are rear seat harnesses and some cabling to the interior and rear ECM suite. Very impressive I think. The model can be built as a UK version or one in Afghanistan, which I suspect most people will choose to model. You also don't have to paint it yellow as they have also been painted in the normal British army green. I'll probably go for a UK version just to be different! 

I Highly recommend the kit, it looks to build up well and it's great to have another bit of modern Brit kit to enjoy.