Monday 31 December 2018

Toon Tastic & A New Project

I'm having a blast with the tiny terror and have now added some streaking followed by matt varnish. Really chuffed with the effects, these toon tanks are ideal for just going for it or trying out new methods and ideas. I'll leave it for a couple of days to cure then finish off with some pigments I think.

Bored at the bench last night I decided it was time for some tamiya building, yes I know I still have the Chinese transporter & Howitzer to finish but I really can't be arsed with them right now. So I selected the old humvee kit as I've never actually built one. As you can guess progress is swift and the build is a doddle, you just can't beat a tamiya kit for the sheer pleasure of building. 


Sunday 30 December 2018

Tiger Models Mexican ERC Lynx Complete

Here's the Lynx all finished after a quick bit of work on the base. Very pleased with how this turned out after a bit of a protracted build. This is the eleventh build for 2018, one down on last year but I'll blame the really great summer we had for that! So I'd like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year and thanks for following & commenting on my builds this year.

ERC Basework & Toon T34 Detailing

I've now sorted out the groundwork for the ERC using a small tamiya dio base then my usual mix of plaster, sand & fine gravel fixed in place with VMS sand & gravel fixer. Today the plan is to paint, add vegetation & add final pigments to the base and finish the project off.

The fun also continues with the T34 and here I've added chipping using various vallejo colours and some detail painting before a gloss coat. I used the kit red star decals then hand painted a suitable slogan on the turret. This one reads "for the motherland" It's now ready for washes and finishing off already! 


Saturday 29 December 2018

ERC Lynx Final Weathering

The lynx has now had the final stages of weathering added which consisted of a selection of pigments used wet & dry. I also used some thinned tamiya buff on the wheels and tyres before adding pigments which helped get rid of the glossy shine they had. So now just a small base to finish this weekend and it will be done.

Friday 28 December 2018

Toon Tones

With the festivities now over, at least in my house, I have managed to get some colour onto the model. Using a base of tamiya XF-65 followed by a mix of this and XF-21 to get a good Russian WW2 colour sprayed on.

Monday 24 December 2018

Mexican ERC Lynx Nearly Done

The lynx has also had a bit of attention in the form of all the lights & shiny bits sorted out as well as the various small parts fixed in place. So just final weathering, fitting of the figure & antenna and sorting out a small base to do! 

Toon Tank Ready For Paint

The model is now all ready for priming & paint after adding some nuts to the wheel hubs and lifting eyes to the turret. It's been really great fun building it so painting should be as much fun I hope! 

Sunday 23 December 2018

Tiny T34 Almost Done

I've been having so much fun building this little tank and it's now almost finished with just some bolts to add to the wheel hubs & some lifting rings to make for the turret. As you can see a bit more plastic card, rod & strip as well as brass rod & wire has been used to add extra detail to the model. I'm really looking forward to painting it as well.


Friday 21 December 2018

Toon T34 Fun!

I'm having great fun mucking about with this kit. Could be something to do with the gin mind you but who cares? I've been chucking filler at it as well as some plastic card and making a few alterations to the kit parts. The barrel is a scrap piece of aluminium tube which I prefer to the kit part. I will shorten it slightly for a better toon look.   

I'll add some texture to the hull later I think with Mr surfacer and some weld lines too just for the crack! 

Thursday 20 December 2018

Xmas Toon Tank Madness!

As I've now got a few of these toon tanks in the stash I thought it would be fun to build one over Christmas this year. So I've selected the T34 for this festive build and have already got stuck in. As you can see it's all pretty easy to build and great fun as well. 

I've even started to make a few improvements to it just for the hell of it!