Tuesday 30 January 2024

S Tank Paint On

Here's the model with a good solid coat of tamiya XF 65 field grey over a black primer coat. I'll be adding some fading to this using my usual method soon and then adding some black patches as well. 

Sunday 28 January 2024

S Tank What If Progress

I've been slowly working away on the model in between various other tasks and also a bout of illness. I've now finished the build as far as I want to go with it. I did try adding a crew but the hatches are very small, especially on the commander's cupola so in the end I decided on adding a standing figure later when this goes on a base. 

A few modifications have been made, the most obvious being the wing mirrors and a convoy board on the rear hull. Not sure I will use the exhaust piping in the end, we shall see how it looks later on. 

Sunday 14 January 2024

Trumpeter Swedish Strv 103B With A Twist!

Now on the bench is the very old Trumpeter Strv 103B Swedish S tank. I've been mucking about with the basic kit whilst finishing off the M60 so I've got the main structure and running gear all sorted already. 

Now my cunning plan is to build this as a what if in British service during the 70's. Not many are aware but during 1973 ten of these tanks were actually put on trial with the Royal tank regiment in Germany. Information is quite scarce but some info and pictures are out there on the internet. 

The trial was not a success but I thought it would be fun to model a vehicle in service had the British army decided that the S tank would make an excellent second line of defence in BAOR. So the idea is the basic structure and systems would be in place on the tank but with British enhancements and improvements in certain areas. The best thing with a "what if" is that it's really only limited by your imagination. So let the fun commence! 

Friday 12 January 2024

Takom M60A1 Finished

Here is the model all done after painting up the figure for the turret. The model should really go on a base but I've no room in my cabinets at the moment so it will have to wait. I did enjoy this kit, it built up very well with nice details and not too much fiddly stuff to deal with. Also in this camo scheme the M60 just looks awesome. 

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Takom M60A1 Coming Together

First post of the year so a happy new one to you all. Work has progressed well on the model with quite a few dusty filters and pin washes added which have really helped fade slightly the vivid camo colours. Also the tracks and running gear have been fixed in place as well as the searchlight. This was a very fiddly part to fit as the location position is not very positive and the rear mount on the light is very fragile. 

But it's on there now and looks good. All that's left to do now is some oil dot fading and a little bit more dust then light lenses and finally an antenna. The figure will get painted once some essential paints arrive!