Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dragon Saladin Mk 2 Conduit Conundrum

Remember those rather nice electrical conduits on the sides of the hull?

Well last night whilst checking my refs for the cabling on the front of the hull I discovered that Aden sally's did not have this feature. After more research I discovered that these conduits were actually fitted when the vehicles received indicators. So for an Aden or any other early sally which has the single front running light and rear brake light arrangement this needs to be removed. However if you are modelling a vehicle that has indicators it's fine. Obviously this was a modification during the 70's.

I wish I had discovered this rather important issue BEFORE I glued the fenders on Bugger!! However with a bit of careful work with a scriber, small chisel and skinny sanding sticks the offending parts are easily removed. Here's the hull now sans conduits.

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