Wednesday, 20 January 2021

YW-750 Ready For Weathering

I've now finished the paint chipping on the model and have only added some dark rust tones using paint here as I plan on adding the rest later with oils. A quick blast of gloss and it's all ready for filters, washes and oils.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Greek Gecko Finished

Today I've finished off the project after adding a very small amount of dusting to the upper sections of the model, some exhaust staining and fuel staining before finally adding the antennas, missile housing & mirrors. I also made a simple base using a large tamiya one which I had already primed and painted the edges.

This was finished off with some plaster mixed with VMS resin PVA glue and pigments. Once this had dried for a while I added sand and small stones before placing the model on the drying plaster with some clingfilm as a barrier to stop the wheels sticking. When it was dry, which didn't take very long, VMS sand and gravel freeze was used then tamiya buff was sprayed on the base. 

Some static grass went on next followed by a spraying of light green & brown before tidying up with more buff. Lastly the stones where picked out in various colours and a shrub glued in place. With the model on the base that's the build all done. I have really enjoyed this one as the trumpeter kit is a smashing kit to build & the details are excellent. Painted in a different scheme to the normal Russian one it looks really different and interesting.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Dusty Gecko


I've now started final weathering using wilder aqua line dark earth & light dust to add just a hint of dust effects to the model. Concentrating on the lower portions I thinned each effect with water then painted it on and let it dry. A damp brush was then used to blend and feather this until I achieved the result I was looking for. 

I then used light dust for the wheels and treated them in the same way. Once they were all finished I glued them in place and added a tiny bit of spattering again using the aqua line colours. 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Greek Gecko Update

After a good week of curing the matt coat is now tough enough for the final stages of weathering. I've also fitted the glazing, lights, tow rope, wipers & missile frames to the model. I'll be using Wilder aqua line effects for the weathering again as I liked the way they performed on the Abrams. I also don't want to swamp the model with pigments and loose all the details and previous weathering.  

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

YW-750 More Chips & Some Detail Painting

I've now finished the green chipping and have started a bit of detail painting before adding some rust chipping. I will keep this quite restrained as I want to depict an abandoned vehicle during the gulf war and not one that's been shipped back to the UK and left to rust. 

As you can see the chipping looks very vivid and stark but this will tone down during the rest of the weathering stages.


Saturday, 9 January 2021

YW-750 Chipping

The model has now been chipped with the first colour, vallejo 975 military green, using a fine brush & sponge method. I've tried to place the chipping in logical areas especially those that would see heavy wear. This will now be followed with more chipping using rust & sand tones for some more interesting effects.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

YW-750 Decals

The decals have just gone on and typically for Bronco they are extremely brittle. Some serious setting solution was called for & daco heavy duty worked a treat getting the buggers to settle down. Luckily there are only the four crescents to worry about. 

I then made up a small stencil for the tac signs using tamiya tape then stippled on some dark grey and white. This gives a nice hand painted look to them. Once the decals are cured the fun can commence with loads of chipping and rust effects to add.