Friday, 16 November 2018

Mexican ERC Lynx Paintwork Mk 2

I've now had another bash at the paintwork for the lynx. I used mr hobby H321 light brown for the base colour then hand painted the green using vallejo 890 retractive green. A couple of coats of this did the trick nicely.  Once the gloss coat & weathering are done it should all blend in, that's the plan anyway!

I doubt there will be much activity on the bench this weekend as I'm off to Cardiff tomorrow to watch the rugby. Looking forwards to that and the beer! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Plenty Of Primer

Last night saw me spraying the primer on the transporter & howitzer. I'd say it took a couple of hours work which included mounting parts for spraying etc. This morning the model looks really good with the primer on and I'm glad I deepened the door lines on the cab of the transporter as I think they would have disappeared under primer and top colours. 

The session last night was also an excellent test for the benchvent and it performed flawlessly. With such large parts to spray the unit had no trouble dealing with plenty of over spray and the added height of it really helped when spraying the trailer. I'll now let the primer cure for a few days and get back to the ERC Lynx.


Sunday, 11 November 2018

PLA Transporter Progress

The model is now all built with many parts left off until after painting. It's been the usual round of sand fill & repeat with some horrid pin marks to eliminate on the rear ramps. Also the trailer tyres are again a poor fit so I'll be gluing them onto the hubs to try and get a decent fit. I've really not enjoyed the build and almost put it back in the box a few times.

However I can now move onto painting which is quite a relief! The completed model with the load is a big bugger so I'll have to shoehorn it into the display cabinet somehow when complete. It should look good once finished though.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Benchvent BV300S-D Bench Test

So I've just tested out the benchvent and have sprayed the primer on the transporter chassis & re primed the Lynx. My initial thoughts are that the unit works extremely well and is actually very quiet. I've also got loads of space in front of the unit for spraying and a lot more height as well. Something which should be useful later whilst spraying the transporter. 

I'm very pleased with it and can see it really helping my spraying from now on. I've made a small video, my first by the way, just to show the set up and noise the unit makes. most of the noise in the clip is actually from my compressor.


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

New On The Bench, The Benchvent BV300S-D

For some time I've been unhappy with the performance of my "hobby" spray booth so have been looking for a better solution. I finally decided on the benchvent BV300S-D booth after seeing some excellent reviews on youtube. Today the beast arrived from for the very reasonable sum of £280. OK, not exactly cheap but it's an investment in my eyes and should last my lifetime! 

Once unpacked I immediately liked the solid weight of the unit and the quality finish. On switching it on I was amazed at how quiet it was, no need for the stereo to be on full blast now. It also sucks through the air at an incredible rate, something I'm sure will benefit my old lungs and cut down on dust contamination during spraying sessions. The unit also fits nicely on the bench with plenty of room to spray comfortably, something my old set up lacked. The benchvent also has a lifetime guarantee which adds more peace of mind when buying something as expensive as this.

I will be testing the unit out over the next couple of days so we will see if it meets my expectations.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Transporter beaten Into Submission!

Well after more swearing and beer the lower chassis is now at a stage where I can paint it. Luckily it's all black apart from the funky orange engine block so the paint should hide a fair few flaws! I also managed to get the wheels to fit better by using glue around the rim edges too. 

And this just cracked me up today....

Saturday, 3 November 2018

PLA Transporter Putting Up A Fight

I've struggled today with the model trying to get the rear axles fitted square and level. Lots of fiddling & swearing finally got the buggers in position. Nothing seems to be in the correct location and there are lots of these issues to deal with. For example the rubber tyres just don't want to sit on the rims properly so I think the only solution is to glue them in place. I'm not even going to attempt to remove the seam lines on them! 

I'm starting to get fed up with the constant need to fill, sand and repeat. Every part so far has needed some form of correction and it's starting to test my enthusiasm for the project. Only a pint or two of Sharps Doombar seems to be doing the trick at the moment!

Lucky this is a winter project as it may take all winter to complete!