Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Marder Weathering & Countdown To Belgium

I've now started the weathering on the model and added a dusty filter then a darker pin wash in selected areas. I've purposely gone heavy with the dust filter as this tends to disappear once the matt varnish goes on. This will be it for washes & filters as I'll use pigments later to finish it off. The lower hull will get a light dusting of tamiya buff before the matt coat goes on, then the fun can begin!  

It's also now only a few days before myself & Brain head off to Belgium for the IPMS Belgium plastic & steel show at Affligem. As ever I'm really looking forwards to it and hope to meet up with a few more followers of the blog whilst there. So if you happen to see the Stonehenge Modellers stand be sure to say hello. 

The models are packed already too.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Tamiya Marder Some Detail Painting, Gloss & Decals

The marder has now had the netting & milan assembly sprayed with a dark olive green this was then followed by some detail painting on the model. A blast of gloss and the decals went on next. Nothing too strenuous but fun nonetheless. I'll be finishing off the detail painting next before starting to add the mud colours on the lower hull. 

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Tamiya Marder Camo Painting

I've now sprayed the three colour camo onto the model. As usual I used tamiya NATO colours with a drop or two of tamiya flat flesh to lighten each colour slightly. Next I'll spray the netting with an olive green colour and also paint the milan before starting on detail painting. 
At the moment I have no crew sorted for the model, the kit supplied figures look very over scale to me so I'm hoping something will be found next weekend at the IPMS Belgium show. Failing that I've got a set in mind which I'll order when I get back.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Tamiya Marder In Primer

The primer went down today so I'll probably leave it a couple of days then get the paint on. I must say this one is going quicker than I expected! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Marder Camo Netting

Today I've added the camo netting to the front of the model using the same method I used on the AIFV. Some gauze first soaked in diluted white glue then once that dried the netting added fixed with CA. I'll also be adding pine boughs near the end of the build. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Tamiya Marder Progress

The build has progressed at light speed and I've now finished the building of the model. As you can see the wheels and tracks are in place and covered by the side skirts too. I did add some mud build up before assembling them using wilder fine dark brown textured earth which has added a nice initial build up of mud. 

With a few improvements and some etch here and there the model looks pretty good. Next will be a session of camo netting around the hull and turret before a dose of primer.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Tamiya Marder 1A2

Not hanging about at all I've been working on this during the final stages of the leopard. It's the old but reasonable tamiya marder 1A2, when I say old the date stamp in the hull is 1977! However this particular kit has a new sprue with the milan and associated parts included and glueable plastic tracks. I also have an eduard etch set and RB barrel to improve things.

The kit is basically sound with some areas needing work but a good replica can be produced with a small amount of care. Already I've started improvements  and got it on it's wheels. My plan for finishing this one will be a heavily scrimmed up vehicle with plenty of mud. This means I can happily add the wheels and tracks before painting which will enable me to get the side skirts fitted before the main paintwork goes on. 

As most of the lower hull is hidden by these a good splodge of mud etc around the running gear and a spray of earth tones should be all I need to do. Oh and a lot of pigments!