Monday 31 July 2023

Tamiya T-72 Painting

The model has now had a coat of paint over a grey primer. Thanks to Brian who of course has the exact East German colour needed in spray can form I was able to match this very quickly with tamiya XF 89 dark green 2 and a couple of drops of yellow. With the gloss coat also now on the colour looks spot on. Now for some more detail painting before filters and washes.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Tamiya T-72

In an effort to kick start the modelling mojo I've been quietly building the excellent tamiya T-72 over the last couple of weeks and it's been nice and relaxing as I've built it almost out of the box and not worried about it being 100% accurate.  

I've also not blogged the build or posted on any modelling forums as I wanted to see if the mojo issue was just modelling or the associated social media side of it. For example have I just been building for the forums/ facebook etc instead of myself? 

Anyway on to the build and with relatively few parts and very nice detail it built up very easily. A few areas received some detailing just to add some obvious missing details. Building modern Soviet armour is somewhat of a departure from the normal for me which was all part of the plan and so far it's getting the modelling urge going nicely. 

Sunday 16 July 2023

IPMS Romsey Show 16th July

Another trip out for Stonehenge Modellers this time to Romsey for their annual show held at the Crosfield hall in Romsey strangely enough! Going as visitors this gave Brian yet another opportunity for more top down motoring in his mini convertible. Luckily the weather held out and it was a pleasant drive down to the show. 

The show was well populated with a good selection of clubs & traders as well as the ever popular show tombola and very nice catering area. There was also a small room for the competitions too. Having a good look around the club stands I was very impressed with the very high standard of models on display, some seriously great stuff which almost got my mojo back! 

Trader wise there was plenty of choice and a nice variety from new kits to second hand items as well as plenty of tools, paints & glues. We spend a pleasant hour or so talking to many of the clubs and of course catching up with friends. This was followed by a quick trip down the road to the Duke on the Test pub for a very pleasant and reasonable Sunday lunch, definitely living the dream!