Friday, 1 November 2013

Valentine Track Time

The tracks arrived yesterday so I got stuck in with em. They have some very nice details including some tiny serial numbers and just click together. However each link has a couple of annoying ejector pin marks on the inner faces of the track and a seam line which needs to be dealt with.Some links also suffer from a little bit of flash however it's quite easy to sort out each track with a swift scrape of a scalpel blade. There are just loads of them to do though!

 I built the tracks up in blocks of ten which breaks up the building and cleaning process and helps to keep track of the amount built. 103 links is the suggested amount per run but on the first I run I used 102. Once the correct amount was assembled it was all joined together and the least amount of glue was brushed on the inner face. It was then just a matter of finding another pair of hands and placing on the model.

Once happy with the placement I brushed glue in strategic places and left over night. I can now paint the tracks off the tank which I always find preferable to painting them in situ.


  1. Hello Pete! I think tracks were made quite detailed. What company produces this kit?

  2. Hi Oleg they are AFV Club's own replacement tracks, kit number AF35197