Thursday 28 November 2013

Tamiya Abrams Weathering Complete

Burnt the midnight oil last night working on the Abrams. I just got into the groove and got stuck in! The upper hull was treated to some pigments applied dry with a fine brush. My aim was to show how dust accumulates on the real thing but not to swamp the underlying colours or weathering. Pretty hard as for some reason I wanted a real filthy beast! However I did manage to restrain myself.

Mud splatters were added using wet pigments, a brush and my finger then some footprints went on next. Again oil staining using MIG stains and oil mixture went around the filler caps. Finally the stowage was added and that was that. I now need to order some aerials as I'm out at the moment, finish the figures and sort out a base. Ikea will take care of that Saturday hopefully.


  1. Beautiful! I really like the anti-slip texture.

  2. Such a wonderful build Pete, I really like the weathering!

    Kind regards, Sven.

  3. Cheers guys glad you are enjoying the build