Friday, 22 November 2013

Blackfish Documentary

I've just watched the documentary 2" Blackfish" on BBC4 and must say I have never watched anything so moving. It basically documents the plight of captive Orca's and the treatment and suffering of these magnificent animals. Mostly by the company sea world. I was totally shocked that such an intelligent animal is still kept in basically appalling conditions and then expected to not react to it's environment! How in gods name can we allow this to happen? have these companies every heard of animal rights? As usual it's all about money and not welfare it disgusts me.

A little bit of research turns up the fact that there are currently 52 captive killer whales spread all over the planet. 52 too many in my opinion. Please do try and watch the film it will definitely shock you but also maybe ask a few questions. I certainly have.
 I know this is a modelling blog but I have always enjoyed watching or reading about whales and dolphins and in particular killer whales and I feel very strongly about this issue. They are magnificent animals who like us breath air and are very intelligent. Surely they should be allowed to live in the wild, not confined in small tanks and made to perform?  It really saddens me that in this day and age we are still treating animals as cash machines with no regard to what they feel or need.


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