Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tamiya M1A1 Abrams

Here is the next model on the bench tamiya's M1A1 Abrams. This is being built for my sister in law who asked me to make a model for the make a wish charity (which she works for in Minneapolis) Every year they hold a fundraising event and  auction off all sorts of items and promises etc. So this needs to be built before she is back in the UK at xmas so it can return with her when she goes back.

Believe it or not I have never actually built a Abrams and the model would not usually be one I would choose to build. However as I am always one to broaden my horizons I'll give it a bash! I was not planning to add much to it but a ridiculously cheap etched set on ebay changed all that! However I have enough stowage and figures to be able to trick it out nicely. The model will also be placed on a scenic base. Here's how a couple of hours last night progressed.

I just love Tamiya kits they just build themselves sometimes! Colour wise I plan on a european three colour scheme such as this one,

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