Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Valentine Construction Complete

I have now finished the main construction of the model and am very pleased with the results. In the end I opted not to fit the anti aircraft MG mount but did add a little bit more detail here and there. As said previously the tracks are a very tight fit against the hull and the guards must be slightly flexed to get the tracks over the return rollers. I should have left these off really as it would have been simpler to fit the tracks. So I would advise leaving the return rollers off if you are going with the replacement track.

I now need to make up some stowage in the form of some tarps and then she will be off for a clean up before painting. As a side note the instructions don't include how to assemble the front headlights. AFV Club published an amendment on their facebook page but I've added it below for those who are interested.

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