Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Valentine Painting & Decal Woes!

Well I have now got the colours on the Valentine and am much happier with the results. I used Tamiya paints for the main colour and mixed up 3 parts XF62 & 2 parts XF59 for the G3 colour. For the grey I used Vallejo panzer aces 306 dark rubber with a dash of black and hand painted the hard edged pattern. After a gloss the model was ready for decals and this is where the kit bit me in the arse again!

The AFV Club decals look really good BUT once you try and apply them they just disintegrate, even before you get em off the backing paper. No matter what I tried they just broke up! So one step forwards and two back again.It's back in the box for the model until I can source some new decals. I thought modelling was supposed to be relaxing.

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