Monday, 25 November 2013

Bugle Call Show Bath 24th November

Well the last show of the year for me was BMSS Bugle Call in Bath on Sunday. Under the guise of Stonehenge Modellers myself and Brian Stoddart attempted to show something new and exciting to the public! I always like going to this show as it ends the model show year nicely for me and gives an opportunity to get that last minute bargain for the winter build schedule (who am I trying to kid!) alright I don't know exactly which winter schedule I'm on about you get the idea.

A nice selection of models where on display with a few traders too. This is not a big show but very friendly and more like a social gathering. Plus it's only half an hour from my house. The stash was increased slightly by one model and a few bits and pieces.

The pictures are pretty terrible I'm afraid as my stupid camera decided to die on me, oh well at least I have something to put on my xmas list now!

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