Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Abrams Matt Varnish & Stowage

Well managed to get the matt on today and the model now looks tons better at least to my eyes. Last night I added a couple of rough tarps to the turret basket and sorted out the stowage. Today I painted it all and I'm rather cuffed with the results. I could have gone mad with the stowage but kept it restrained as I didn't want to loose the lines of the turret under a ton of stuff.

I'm particularly pleased with the two bottles especially the green one which I painted up to represent mountain dew, a disgusting drink in my opinion but whenever I have been on American military bases here in the UK I've seen almost everyone drinking it. I've added the metallic elements to the model as well as the scopes and added some headlights. I now need to let this dry for a day or so and get the figures going.

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