Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Abrams Anti Slip

One of the improvements I have planned for the Abrams is adding the anti-slip texture to the hull and turret. In most pictures you will see that this coating is quite evident on the real vehicle but missing in this kit. So after a monster masking session using tape and masking fluid I sprayed the hull and turret with Rust-oleum textured paint. The shade I used was desert bisque.

The paint leaves a very nice textured surface which replicates the anti-slip very nicely. After removing all the masking the result is very neat and effective. Under a coat of paint the effect will look very realistic.


  1. Aye! Looks good obviously. I never heard about Rust-oleum textured paint. Will try to find it in Ukrainian stores.

  2. Cheers guys, Oleg it's really good stuff I got mine using Amazon. Not sure if you can get it via Amazon where you are but if you have any difficulty let me know.